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HSST Computer Science Solved Paper 01.09.2011 Cat. No.111.2010 - Part 3

41.       Error correction in the data link layer is achieved by:
(A) Equalization           (B) Cyclic redundancy codes
(C) Hamming codes    (D) Bit stuffing
Answer: C
Cyclic Redundancy Code is an error detection code only. Hamming Code is an error correcting code used in Data link layer.
42.       The system program that set up executable program in RAM, ready for execution is:
(A) Loader                     (B) Linker
(C) Linkage Editor       (D) Compiler
Answer: A
43.       File transfer protocol that uses UDP is:
(A) FTP              (B) TFTP
(C) TELNET      (D) NFS
Answer: B
44.       To check the presence of a computer in the network, use the command:
(A) ping                         (B) cmd
(C) check          (D) ipconfig
Answer: A
45.       In cryptology the code STUDYING is written as RUTEXJMH, then the code for OTHER is:
(A) TOHRE                   (B) ROHTE
(C) NUGFQ                   (D) MOTHR
Answer: C
46.       The Number of equivalent relations of the set {1,2,3,4} is:
(A) 4                   (B) 15
(C) 16                 (D) 24
Answer: B
47.       Which of the sets are empty?
(A) {x:x=/x}         (B) {x:x=x}
(C) {x:x=/x2}      (D) {x:x=/xx}
Answer: A
48.       In any undirected graph, the sum of the degrees of all nodes is:
(A) must be even                     (B) is always ODD
(C) need not be even              (D) is twice number of edges
Answer: A & D
Option D is true. But it also implies that option A is true. Because twice of any number must be even.
49.       An undirected graph is Eulerian if and only if all vertices of G are of the sum of the degrees of all nodes is:
(A) Same degree                     (B) ODD degree
(C) Need not be ODD                         (D) is twice number of edges
Answer: B
50.    An undirected graph G has n vertices and n-1 edges then G is:
(A) Cyclic          (B) Addition of edge will make it cyclic
(C) Eulerian      (D) Is a Tree
Answer: D

51.    Graph having every pair of vertices connected is called:
(A) Cycle graph            (B) Complete graph
(C) Peterson graph     (D) Is a Tree
Answer: B
52.    The Eigen vectors of a real symmetric matrix corresponding to different Eigen values are:
(A) Orthogonal matrix                         (B) Singular matrix
(C) Non-singular matrix          (D) Inverse matrix
Answer: A
53.    The system of equations 4x+6y=8, 3x+2y=1, 7x+8y=9 has:
(A) only one solution              (B) infinite solutions
(C) two solutions                     (D) none of these
Answer: C
54.    The Eigen values of the square matrix are:
(A) positive                    (B) imaginary
(C) real                          (D) negative
Answer: C
55.    The Equations will have:
(A) no unique solution           (B) only one solution
(C) has only two solutions     (D) has infinite
Answer: Question not complete.
56.    Which is fastest?
(A) DTL              (B) TTL
(C) ECL                         (D) CMOS
Answer: C
57.    Which is commutative but not associative?
(A) NOT             (B) NOR
(C) XOR            (D) NAND
Answer: B, D
NAND and NOR operations are commutative, but not associative.
(x↓y)↓z ≠ x↓(y↓z)          (↓ = NOR operation)
(x↑y)↑z ≠ x↑(y↑z)          (↑ = NAND operation)
58.    Which is Universal gate?
(A) AND             (B) NOR
(C) XOR            (D) NOT
Answer: B
A universal gate is one from which all other basic gates can be formed. NAND and NOR are Universal gates.
59.    How many NAND gates are needed to perform X.Y?
(A) 3                   (B) 4
(C) 2                   (D) 1
Answer: B
60.    Which is non-volatile?
(A) RAM            (B) PROM
(C) EPROM      (D) ROM
Answer: D

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