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HSST Computer Science Solved Paper 01.09.2011 Cat. No.111.2010 - Part 5

81.       Which is useful to implement quick sort?
(A) List               (B) Set
(C) Stack           (D) Queue
Answer: C
82.       Recursively enumerable languages are closed under:
(A) Union                                  (B) Intersection
(C) Complementation                         (D) Concatenation
Answer: A, B & D
Recursively enumerable languages are closed under union, intersection, concatenation and Kleene star operations.
83.       The Grammar that produce more than one Parse tree for same sentence is:
(A) Ambiguous                                     (B) Unambiguous
(C) Complementation                         (D) Concatenation Intersection
Answer: A
84.       The number of the external states of a Turing Machine should be at least:
(A) 1                   (B) 2
(C) 3                   (D) 4
Answer: B
85.       Give name of the database in the general model of a compiler:
(A) Literal table             (B) Terminal table
(C) SYMTAB                 (D) Productions
Answer: B
86.       A file is:
(A) an abstract data type        (B) logical storage unit
(C) usually non volatile          (D) volatile
Answer: A, B, C
87.       What property of the files prevents sharing of files and directories?
(A) Tree structure                     (B) One level structure
(C) Two level structure           (D) Length
Answer: A
88.       E-R modeling technique is:
(A) Tree structure                     (B) Top-down method
(C) Bottom-up method            (D) Right-left approach
Answer: B
89.       Data items stored as grouped items is:
(A) Record                    (B) List
(C) Strings                    (D) Title list
Answer: A
90.    Data items are fragmented, replicated and propagated in:
(A) DBMS                      (B) RDBMS
(C) DDBMS                  (D) DML
Answer: C

91.    In data manipulation the first element of T[5] is:
(A) T[1]               (B) T[0]
(C) T[5]               (D) T[3]
Answer: B
92.    Processed data is called:
(A) Data base               (B) File
(C) Information             (D) Sample
Answer: C
93.    Which factor of coding is most important?
(A) Productivity                        (B) Cost
(C) Readability                                     (D) Less memory usage
Answer: C
94.    Main container for <TR> <TD> and <TH> is:
(A) <TABLE>                (B) <GROUP>
(C) <DATA>                  (D) <CAPTION>
Answer: A
95.    Which of the following is the non-polling system?
(A) Stop and wait         (B) Daisy chain
(C) DMA                        (D) TDMA
Answer: D
96.    What is the working principle of a Digital Computer?
(A) De Morgan's Principle                  (B) Len's Principle
(C) Von Neumann's Principle           (D) Euler's Principle
Answer: C
97.    Give the unique name of the combination of Analog and Digital computer?
(A) Cray XMP 120 Computer             (B) Param 2000 Computer
(C) IBM 320 Computer                        (D) Hybrid Computer
Answer: D
98.    Why RAM is kept near to the Processor in a Digital Computer?
(A) Reduce the cost
(B) Get maximum speed
(C) To minimize the memory access time
(D) Increase frequency
Answer: C
99.    Who designed the First Digital Computer using the Binary system?
(A) Blaise Pascal                     (B) Agutha Ada
(C) Isaac Newton                     (D) Dr. Dakunthala Devi
Answer: John Vincent Atanasoff
100.    Give the name of the first operating system for Personal Computers:
(A) Linux           (B) Windows 3.2
(C) CP/M           (D) Disk operating system
Answer: C

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