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HSST Computer Science Solved Paper 19.09.2012 Cat. No.111.2010 - Part 4

61.       The process of testing individual components in a software.
(A) Interface Testing               (B) Partition Testing
(C) Unit Testing                       (D) Structural Testing
Answer: C
62.       In C++, the operator which cannot be overloaded.
(A) Bitwise & operator             (B) Assignment operator
(C) == operator                         (D) :: operator
Answer: D
63.       A solution to external fragmentation.
(A) Segmentation                    (B) Compaction
(C) Swapping                           (D) Thrashing
Answer: B
64.       A type of inheritance in which the property of one class is inherited by more than one class.
(A) Hybrid Inheritance                                    (B) Hierarchical Inheritance
(C) Multilevel Inheritance                  (D) Multiple Inheritance
Answer: B
65.       The worst case time complexity of merge sort algorithm for input size n.
(A) q(n)                          (B) q(n2)
(C) q(log n)                    (D) q(nlog n)
Answer: D
66.       A full adder circuit with x, y and z as input bits produces an output, the binary sum represented by.
(A) x+y+z                       (B) xÅyÅz
(C) xyÅxzÅyz               (D) xy+xz+yz
Answer: B
67.       If a variable is declared as register type, then the operator that cannot be applied to it.
(A) Unary &       (B) Unary -
(C) Binary &      (D) Binary -
Answer: A
68.       If grammar G=(N,å,P,S) with non terminal N={S}, terminals å={0,1} and production rules.
S®0S, S®S1, S®0, then L(G)=
(A) 0*01*                        (B) 0*1*
(C) 0*11*                       (D) 0*1*0
Answer: A
69.       What would be the output of the following C program.
int x=1;
printf(“Good Morning”);
(A) Good Morning                    (B) Good Morning infinite times
(C) Blank Display                    (D) Syntax Error
Answer: C
70.    In a compiler, the task of scanning the source code, to recognize and classify various elements is known as.
(A) Code Optimization                        (B) Syntactic Analysis
(C) Lexical Analysis                (D) Semantic Analysis
Answer: C

71.    Time complexity of Prim’s minimum spanning tree algorithm is:
(A) q(n)              (B) q(log n)
(C) q(nlog n)     (D) q(n2)
Answer: D
72.    A fact in prolog is a special case of a:
(A) Query                      (B) Rule
(C) Term                        (D) Goal
Answer: B
73.    Grammars that can be translated to DFAs:
(A) Left linear grammar           (B) Right linear grammar
(C) Generic grammar              (D) All of these
Answer: B
74.    An example of a compiler-compiler is:
(A) JAVA                       (B) LEX
(C) YACC                      (D) MATLAB
Answer: C
75.    A relation R on a set X is said to be a partial ordering if R is:
(A) Reflexive, Symmetric, Transitive
(B) Reflexive, Symmetric, Non-Transitive
(C) Reflexive, Anti-Symmetric, Transitive
(D) Reflexive, Anti-Symmetric, Non-Transitive
Answer: C
76.    What would be the output of the following C program
int I,x=1,y=1,z=0;
printf(“%d %d”,x,y);
(A) 1 1 2 3 5      (B) 1 1 1 1 1
(C) 1 1 0 0 0      (D) Syntax Error
Answer: D
77.    Let V1={A,B,C} and V2={P,Q}, then the graph below is a:
(A) Complete Graph                (B) Digraph
(C) Bipartite Graph                  (D) Connected Graph
Answer: C
78.    Natural objects can be realistically modeled using:
(A) Binary space partitioning tree
(B) Fractal Geometry
(C) Octrees
(D) Constructive Solid Geometry
Answer: B
79.    Not a storage placement strategy for an incoming program/data:
(A) First Fit                    (B) Average Fit
(C) Worst Fit                 (D) Best Fit
Answer: B
80.    An attribute or set of attributes within one relation that matches the candidate key of some(possibly the same) relation:
(A) Super key                           (B) Candidate key
(C) Primary key                        (D) Foreign key
Answer: D

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