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HSST Computer Science Solved Paper - Question Paper Code: 348/2005 - Part 3

41.       The Page Rank algorithm is used by
(A)               (B)
(C)            (D)
Answer: A
42.       The recursive function defined by f(n)=1 if n=1 and f(n)=n+f(n-1) computes the value:
(A) n2                 (B) n!
(C) n(n+1)/2      (D) 2n
Answer: B
43.       Which of the following file formats have the largest compression ratio?
(A) JPG              (B) PCX
(C) BMP                        (D) TIFF
Answer: A
44.       The founder of Computer Graphics is:
(A) Blaise Pascal         (B) Ivan Sutherland
(C) Dennis Ritchie      (D) Gourard
Answer: B
45.       The scientist credited with the evolution of JAVA programming language is:
(A) James Gosling                   (B) Scott McNealy
(C) Andy Grove                        (D) Linus Torvalds
Answer: A
46.       The scientist who developed the idea of the WWW is:
(A) James Gosling                   (B) Tim Berns Lee
(C) Andrew Tannenbaum      (D) Linus Torvalds
Answer: B
47.       Discovery of hidden patterns in a very large database is called:
(A) Data warehousing                                    (B) Data management
(C) Online Transaction Processing             (D) Data mining
Answer: D
48.       SQL is:
(A) Data Definition Language                       (B) Data Manipulation Language
(C) Both (A) and (B)                            (D) Neither (A) nor (B)
Answer: C
49.       Which of the following terms is not related with ISDN?
(A) NT1              (B) ATM
(C) BRI              (D) PRI
Answer: B
50.    Which of the following commands can be executed by a user for knowing the number of users logged in a UNIX system?
(A) ps                 (B) telnet
(C) who             (D) login
Answer: D

51.    1+4+7+......+(3n-2) is:
(A) 3n(n+1)/2                (B) n(3n-1)/2
(C) n(2n-1)/2                 (D) n(3n+1)
Answer: B
52.    Which among the following functions is not reflexive?
(A) The relation Ü on the set Z of integers
(B) Set inclusion Í on a collection C of sets
(C) Relation ^ (perpendicular) on the set of lines L in a plane
(D) Relation || on a set of lines L in a plane
Answer: C
53.    Which of the following type of relations partitions a set into a set of disjoint classes?
(A) partial ordering      (B) equivalence
(C) reflexive                  (D) symmetric
Answer: B
54.    How many times in nPr that of nCr?
(A) r!                   (B) n!
(C) (n-r)!             (D) n*r
Answer: A
55.    Deterministic and non-deterministic models of which among the following automata have non-equivalent powers?
(A) FA                B) PDA
(C) LBA             (D) TM
Answer: A
56.    Which among the following types of languages are accepted both by Finite Automata and Push down automata?
(A) Regular                               (B) context free        
(C) Context sensitive              (D) none of the above
Answer: D
57.    Consider the following two languages over {a, b}.
L1- the set of strings beginning and ending with an a
L2- the set of strings with same number of a’s and b’s
Which of the following is true about L1 and L2?
(A) L1 and L2 are both regular
(B) L1 is regular and L2 is context-free but not regular
(C) Neither L1 nor L2 is regular, but both are context-free
(D) L1 is context free but not regular and L2 is not context free
Answer: B
58.    Classify into one of the alternatives the grammar denoted by the productions S→aB, S→bA, A→a, A→aS, A→bAA, B→b, B→bS, B→aBB, AB→BA :
(A) Regular Grammar                         (B) Context free grammar
(C) Context sensitive grammar         (D) Unrestricted Grammar
Answer: C
59.    ~q˅p is equivalent to:
(A) ~p→q           (B) q→p
(C) ~p→~q        (D) ~q→~p
Answer: B
60.    CRC is:
(A) an error detection code
(B) an error correction code
(C) an error detection and correction code
(D) none of these
Answer: A

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