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HSST Computer Science Solved Paper - Code: 188/2006 - Part 2

21.       Which normal form is considered adequate for normal relational database design?
(A) 5 NF             (B) 4 NF
(C) 3 NF                        (D) 2 NF
Answer: C
22.       In write-locks-all distributed database concurrency control strategy
(A) A transaction is said to have read-lock on item A whenever it has a read lock on any copy of A
(B) A transaction is said to have write-lock on A whenever it has write locks on all copies of A
(C) A transaction is said to have write-lock on item A whenever it has a write lock on any copy of A
(D) Both (A) and (B)
Answer: C
23.       Which of the following algorithms has running time q(n2) in the worst case but q(n logn) on average?
(A) Bubble sort             (B) Quick sort
(C) Heap sort                (D) Merge sort
Answer: B
24.       A binary search tree contains the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. When the tree is traversed in pre-order and the values in each node printed out, the sequence of values obtained is 5,3,1,2,4,6,8,7. If the tree is traversed in post-order, the sequence obtained would be
(A) 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1        (B) 1,2,3,4,8,7,6,5    
(C) 2,1,4,3,6,7,8,5        (D) 2,1,4,3,7,8,6,5
Answer: D
25.       In a depth-first traversal of a graph G with n vertices, k edges as marked as tree edges. The number of connected components in G is
(A) k                   (B) n-k-1
(C) n-k               (D) k+1
Answer: B
26.       The tightest lower bound on the number of comparisons, in the worst case, for comparison-based sorting is of the order of
(A) n                   (B) n2 
(C) n logn          (D) n2 logn
Answer: A
27.       How many distinct binary search trees can be created out of 4 distinct keys?
(A) 5                   (B) 24
(C) 42                 (D) 14
Answer: D
28.       The following numbers are inserted into an empty binary search tree in the given order: 10,1,3,5,15,12,16. What is the height of the binary search tree (the height is the maximum distance of a leaf node from the root)?
(A) 3       (B) 4   
(C) 5       (D) 6
Answer: A
29.       A queue is implemented using linked list with two pointers, front and rear. The time needed to insert element in a queue of length n is
(A) O(n)             (B) O(1)
(C) O(logn)        (D) O(n logn)
Answer: B
30.    The depth of a complete binary tree with ‘n’ nodes is
(A) log(n+1)-1               (B) log(n)
(C) log(n-1)+1               (D) log(n)+1
Answer: A
31.    Linked lists are not suitable for
(A) Insertion sort                                  (B) binary search
(C) Polynomial manipulation                        (D) Radix sort
Answer: B
32.    Algorithm, which solves the all-pair shortest path problem, is
(A) Dijkstra’s algorithm           (B) Prim’s algorithm
(C) Floyd’s algorithm              (D) Warshall’s algorithm
Answer: B
33.    Which of the following statements about Ethernets is typically FLASE?
(A) Ethernets use circuit switching to send messages
(B) Ethernets use buses with multiple masters
(C) Ethernet protocols use a collision-detection method to ensure that messages are transmitted properly
(D) Networks connected by Ethernets are limited in length to a few hundred meters
Answer: A
34.    In the Internet Protocol (IP) suite of protocols, which of the following best describes the purpose of the Address Resolution Protocol?
(A) To translate Web addresses to host names
(B) To determine the hardware address of a given IP address
(C) To determine the hardware address of a given host name
(D) To determine the IP address of a given host name
Answer: B
35.    Which of the following statements about datagrams sent by a node in a network using Ipv4 protocol is (are) true?
I. Datagrams at the source must be the size of the smallest maximum transmission unit(MTU) of all the links on a path to the destination
II. Datagrams may be fragmented during routing
III. Datagrams are reassembled only at the destination
(A) I only            (B) II only      
(C) III only         (D) II and III
Answer: D
36.    Which of the following statements about a remote procedure call is true?
(A) It is used to call procedures with addresses that are farther than 162 bytes away
(B) It cannot return a value
(C) It cannot pass parameters by reference
(D) It cannot call procedures implemented in a different language
Answer: C
37.    A subnet has been assigned a subnet mask of What is the maximum number of hosts that can belong to this subnet?
(A) 14                 (B) 62
(C) 126              (D) 30
Answer: B
38.    In a network of LANs connected by Bridges, packets are sent from one LAN to another through intermediate bridges. Since more than one path may exist between two LANs, packets may have to be routed through multiple bridges
(A) For a shortest path routing between LANs
(B) For avoiding loops in the routing paths
(C) For fault tolerance
(D) For minimizing collisions
Answer: B
39.    Packets of the same session may be routed through different paths in
(A) TCP, but not UDP             (B) UDP, but not TCP
(C) TCP and UDP                   (D) Neither TCP, nor UDP
Answer: B
40.    Choose the standards for packet switched communication
(A) Open systems interconnection   (B) ARCNET
(C) CCITT X.12 AND X.11                 (D) CCITT X.25 AND X.21
Answer: D

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