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HSST Computer Science Solved Paper - Code: 188/2006 - Part 3

41.       A standard RS-232 signal is
(A) RTS             (B) DSR
(C) CTS             (D) All of the above
Answer: D
42.       Which of the following networking device is an example of layer 3 (network layer) device?
(A) Router                     (B) Repeater
(C) Bridge                     (D) Hub
Answer: A
43.       Which port is used by a TELNET communication session?
(A) 21                 (B) 23
(C) 25                 (D) 27
Answer: C
44.       Which application allows a user to access and change remote files without actual file transfer?
(A) TELNET                  (B) DNS
(C) FTP                          (D) NFS
Answer: A
45.       Which of the following is the name of the data structure in a compiler that is responsible for managing information about variables and their attributes?
(A) Abstract Syntax Tree(AST)                      (B) Attribute grammar
(C) Symbol table                                              (D) Semantic Stack
Answer: C
46.       Which of the following is an example of Top-down parser?
(A) Recursive descent parser            (B) Shift reduce parser
(C) Both (A) and (B)                            (D) None of the above
Answer: A
47.       Which of the following is not an example of code optimization technique?
(A) Common sub expression elimination   (B) Dead code elimination
(C) Expression evaluation                             (D) Compile time evaluation
Answer: C
48.       The interface chip used for data transmission between 8086 and 16-bit ADC is?
(A) 8255                                    (B) 8259
(C) 8253                                    (D) 8251
Answer: A
49.       Which one of the following is true of TRAP interrupt in INTEL 8085?
(A) It is level triggered
(B) It is negative edge triggered
(C) It is positive edge triggered
(D) It is both positive and negative edges triggered
Answer: D
50.    The most powerful parsing method is
(A) LL(1)            (B) SLR
(C) LALR           (D) Canonical LR
Answer: D

51.    Three address code involves
(A) Exactly three addresses               (B) At least three addresses
(C) At most three addresses              (D) None of the above
Answer: C
52.    A basic block can be analyzed by
(A) A DAG                     (B) A graph which may involve cycles
(C) Flow graph             (D) Cyclic graph
Answer: A
53.    A compiler that run on one machine and produce target code for another machine is called
(A) Boot-strapping                   (B) Cross-compiler
(C) Loader                                 (D) Linker
Answer: B
54.    In LR(k) parsing technique k stands for
(A) Number of input symbols
(B) Number of output symbols
(C) Number of input symbols of look ahead
(D) A constant
Answer: C
55.    Poor response times are usually caused by
(A) Process busy                     (B) High I/O rates
(C) High paging rates             (D) Any of the above
Answer: D
56.    Thrashing
(A) is a natural consequence of virtual memory system
(B) can be caused by poor paging algorithm
(C) always occur on large computers
(D) can be avoided by swapping
Answer: B
57.    Which of the following Operating Systems do you choose to implement a Client-Server network?
(A) MS DOS                  (B) Windows 95
(C) Windows 98           (D) Windows 2000
Answer: D
58.    Dijkstra’s banking algorithm in an operating system, solves the problem of
(A) Mutual exclusion              (B) Context switching
(C) Dead lock avoidance       (D) Dead lock recovery
Answer: C
59.    Dirty bit is used to show the
(A) Least frequently used page
(B) Most recently used page
(C) Page with corrupted data
(D) Page that is modified after being loaded into the cache memory
Answer: D
60.    Overlays are used
(A) to increase the size of physical memory
(B) to increase the logical address space
(C) to split a very large file
(D) then, the size of a process is not limited to the size of physical memory
Answer: D

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