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HSST History Solved Paper SR for SC/ST - Category Code: 575/2014 - Part 5

81.       'Travancore State Manual' was composed by
(A) William Logan                    (B) Shangoony Menon
(C) Padmanabha Menon       (D) V. Nagam Aiya
Answer: D
82.       Under the state Re-organisation Act of 1956, four southern Taluks were merged with Madras state. Which of the following was not one of these four Taluks ?
(A) Agastiswaram        (B) Kalkulam
(C) Neyyatinkara         (D) Tovala
Answer: C
83.       According to Mahatma Gandhi, 'it is a Smriti which is the people's charter of spiritual emancipation'. The reference here is about
(A) Slavery Abolition Act        (B) Temple Entry Proclamation
(C) Abolition of Sati                 (D) Kundara Proclamation
Answer: B
84.       Who among the following was associated with the nationalist daily 'Al-Ameen' ?
(A) Mohamed Abdurahiman  (B) Vakkom Moulavi
(C) Hamadani Tangal             (D) Makti Tangal
Answer: A
85.       Who among the following was the only Malayalee President of Indian National Congress?
(A) K. P. Kesava Menon         (B) C. Sankaran Nair
(C) M. P. Narayana Menon    (D) K. Kelappan
Answer: B
86.       Kuberan Nambudiripad is the character of the novel
(A) Kundalatha                                    (B) Indulekha
(C) Saraswati Vijayam                        (D) Ghataka Vadham
Answer: C
87.       Who was the Defence Minister of India when Goa was liberated and integrated with India ?
(A) V. P. Menon           (B) John Mathai
(C) Sardar Patel           (D) V. K. Krishna Menon
Answer: D
88.       After partition, a Malayali Muslim served as Pakisthan's Ambassador to Egypt. The reference here is about
(A) Abdurahiman Ali Raja                  (B) Abdul Sathar Sait
(C) Mohamed Abdurahiman             (D) K. M. Seethi Sahib
Answer: B
89.       The Malayali revolutionary who served as Foreign Minister of the provisional Govt. of free India set up at Kabul in 1915.
(A) Vanchi Iyer                                     (B) Capt. Lakshmi
(C) Chempaka Raman Pillai             (D) Vakkom Kader
Answer: C
90.    'Varthamana Pusthakam', the first travel account Malayalam was written by
(A) Kariyattil Ouseph Kattanar
(B) Herman Gundert
(C) Arnose Pathiri
(D) Paremakkil Thoma Kattanar
Answer: D

91.    Which of the following deals with the oral history of partition ?
(A) The other side of silence
(B) Dominance without hegemony
(C) Freedom at midnight
(D) The other side of the Medal
Answer: A
92.    The celebrated work, 'Centuries of Childhood' argues that there was no childhood in Europe before 17th century. Who composed this work ?
(A) George Duby                     (B) Philip Aries
(C) Marc Bloch                         (D) Lucien Febre
Answer: B
93.    Who propounded the theory that these exists a nexus between power and knowledge
(A) Louis Althusser                 (B) Karl Marx
(C) Michael Foucault              (D) Marc Bloch
Answer: C
94.    Which of the following is not a work of E. J. Hobsbawm ?
(A) Age of Capital                    (B) Age of Revolution
(C) Age of Extreme                  (D) Age of Reason
Answer: D
95.    'The Unquite Woods', a leading book on environmental history of India was written by
(A) Madav Gadgil                     (B) C. A. Bayly
(C) Ramachandra Guha        (D) Bipin Chandra
Answer: C
96.    The author of the recent work, 'Modernity of Slavery : Struggle against caste inequality in colonial Keralam'.
(A) T.T. Sreekumar                  (B) Sanal Mohan
(C) Michael Tharakan             (D) S. Raju
Answer: B
97.    Which of the following historical novels is not written by K. M. Panikkar ?
(A) Punarkottu Swarupam     (B) Parankipatayali
(C) Dharma Raja                     (D) Kerala Simham
Answer: C
98.    Who is the British Marxist Historian who wrote about Malabar Rebellion ?
(A) Lawrence Lopez                (B) Robin Jeffery
(C) Stephen Dale                    (D) Conrad Wood
Answer: D
99.    Which among the following is not a work of Romila Thapar ?
(A) Interpreting Early India
(B) Indian Feudalism
(C) Past and Prejudice
(D) Asoka and the Decline of Mouryas
Answer: B
100.    'Walking Naked : Women, society and spirituality in South India' is written by
(A) Robert Sewell                    (B) Kumkum Roy
(C) Vijaya Ramaswamy          (D) Tanika Sarkar
Answer: C

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