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HSST History Solved Paper SR for SC/ST - Category Code: 575/2014 - Part 3

41.       Altamira, the historical site from where cave paintings prehistoric period have been discovered is located in
(A) France                     (B) England
(C) Germany                 (D) Spain
Answer: D
42.       The term 'Urban Revolution' was used by Gordon childe in his book
(A) What Happened in History
(B) New Light on the most Ancient Near East
(C) Man Makes Himself
(D) The Bronze Age
Answer: C
43.       Who among the following deciphered the Cuneiform script ?
(A) Champollion                      (B) Rawlinson
(C) James Prinsep                  (D) Arthur Evans
Answer: B
44.       'The Great Transformation' is written by
(A) Karl Polyani                       (B) Marshall Sahlin
(C) Perry Anderson                 (D) Elman R. Service
Answer: A
45.       Who were the 'Samurais' ?
(A) Warlords of Japan             (B) Members of Warrior class
(C) Buddhist Monks                (D) Landlords of Japan
Answer: B
46.       What is Niagara movement ?
(A) A movement for Women's emancipation
(B) A movement for white slave emancipation
(C) A movement for Negro emancipation
(D) A movement for Red Indian Women's freedom
Answer: C
47.       Hitler's invasion of Soviet union was given the code name
(A) Operation Thunder           (B) Operation Sky Lion
(C) Operation Sea Lion          (D) Operation Barbarossa
Answer: D
48.       The Book through which Copernicus propounded the notion that sun is at the centre of the universe
(A) 'The Revolution of Heavenly Bodies'
(B) 'Novum Organum'
(C) 'Principia Mathematica'
(D) 'The Discourse on Method'
Answer: A
49.       'Kitab-al-Ibar' (Universal History) is the work of
(A) Ibn Khaldun           (B) Ibn Batuta
(C) Al-Masudi               (D) Albiruni
Answer: A
50.    Which of the following automobile company is associated with Adolf Hitler ?
(A) Ford             (B) Volks wagen
(C) Nissan        (D) Honda
Answer: B

51.    Which of the following is not a site of Indus Valley Civilization ?
(A) Kot-diji                     (B) Bimbetka
(C) Dholawira               (D) Lothal
Answer: B
52.    Arrange in Chronological sequence the following travellers' visit to India.
1) Ibn Batuta
2) Huentsang
3) Fahien
4) Bernier
(A) 3, 2, 1, 4                  (B) 1, 2, 3, 4
(C) 2, 3, 4, 1                  (D) 4, 3, 2, 1
Answer: A
53.    'Kalavu' and 'Karpu' are terms associated with
(A) Barter System                    (B) Social Division
(C) Marriage System               (D) None of the above
Answer: C
54.    Which of the following is not included in Ettutokai works ?
(A) Patittupathu           (B) Akananuru
(C) Nattinai                   (D) Thirukkural
Answer: D
55.    Which is the earliest Neolithic site in India ?
(A) Lothal                      (B) Sind
(C) Nalgonda               (D) Mehergarh
Answer: D
56.    Sargon inscription of Sumeria refers to Indus Valley as
(A) Hind             (B) Makan
(C) Meluha       (D) Akkad
Answer: C
57.    The term used in Vedas to denote cattle lifting
(A) Gopathi                   (B) Gavishti
(C) Godhuli                   (D) Gomatha
Answer: B
58.    'Majma-al-Bahrain', the Persian work, deals with the essential unity between Islam and Hinduism. Who among the following is the author of the work ?
(A) Dara Shukov                      (B) Nizamudhin Auliya
(C) Ziaudhin Barani                (D) Gulbadan Begum
Answer: A
59.    Who put-forth the hypothesis of urban revolution in North India during the Sultanate period ?
(A) K. M. Ashraf                       (B) Moreland
(C) Mohamed Habib               (D) K. S. Lal
Answer: C
60.    Which of the following work of Krishna Devaraya was written in Telugu language ?
(A) Ratnamalika                       (B) Raghuvamsha
(C) Mahanataka Sudhaniti    (D) Amuktamalyada
Answer: D

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