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Secretariat Assistant/Auditor Exam Solved (Paper Code: 04/2013) - Part 3

41.       The constitution describes India as a ……………
(A) Federal State         (B) Quasi-Federal State
(C) Unitary State          (D) Union of States
Answer: D
42.       The authority/body competent to determine the conditions of citizenship in India:
(A) The President                    (B) The Parliament
(C) The Union Cabinet           (D) The Supreme Court
Answer: B
43.       From which constitution India borrowed the idea of Directive Principles of State Policy?
(A) Constitution of U.K.         
(B) Constitution of the U.S.A.
(C) Constitution of Ireland    
(D) Constitution of Canada
Answer: C
44.       Who was the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly of India?
(A) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar            (B) Dr. B.N. Rao
(C) Dr. Rajendra Prasad         (D) Jawaharlal Nehru
Answer: C
45.       Power of the Judiciary to declare a law invalid on constitutional ground is called:
(A) Judicial Activism               (B) Judicial Review
(C) Judicial Supremacy          (D) Judicial Absolutism
Answer: B
46.       Status of Union Public Service Commission is ……………
(A) Legal           (B) Administrative
(C) Advisory      (D) Constitutional
Answer: D
47.       Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission is appointed by …………..
(A) The President
(B) The Prime Minister
(C) The Chief Justice of India
(D) The Speaker of Loksabha
Answer: A
48.       Money bill of the Union Government is first introduced in:
(A) Rajyasabha
(B) Loksabha
(C) Either in Rajyasabha or Loksabha
(D) In the joint sitting of Rajyasabha and Loksabha
Answer: B
49.       Which amendment Act incorporated the Right to Education into the list of Fundamental Rights in India?
(A) 67th Amendment Act, 1990
(B) 68th Amendment Act, 1991
(C) 76th Amendment Act, 1994
(D) 86th Amendment Act, 2002
Answer: D
50.    First Chairperson of the National Commission for Women:
(A) Jayanti Patnaik                  (B) Dr. V. Mohini Giri
(C) Dr. Poornima Advani        (D) Mamta Sharma
Answer: A

51.    He stayed at home yesterday because he ………….. a bad cold.
(A) was              (B) have
(C) has              (D) had
Answer: D
52.    Look me ……..….. when you are in India next year.
(A) down           (B) up
(C) in                  (D) over
Answer: B
53.    I am extremely sorry I can’t talk to you now, I am …………….
(A) behind the time     (B) without time
(C) pressed for time     (D) lost in time
Answer: C
54.    Hundred rupees ……….…. enough for the taxi fare.
(A) is      (B) are
(C) has  (D) have
Answer: A
In which part of the sentences (65 & 66) is the mistake.
55.    He     has delivered       a best speech       on the topic
(A)              (B)                         (C)                       (D)
Answer: C
56.    I received   a check for one lakh rupees   as advance    for my book
     (A)                         (B)                                (C)                  (D)
Answer: B
57.    What is the passive voice form of: This shop sells non-fiction books.
(A) Nonfiction books is sold in this shop.
(B) Nonfiction books was sold in this shop.
(C) Nonfiction books are sold in this shop.
(D) Nonfiction books were sold in this shop.
Answer: C
58.    Report: “Is your book on Shakespeare”, he asked her.
(A) He asked her if your book is on Shakespeare.
(B) He asked her if her book was on Shakespeare.
(C) He asked her if her book were on Shakespeare.
(D) He told her if her book is on Shakespeare.
Answer: B
59.    Chocolate cake contains a ………….. amount of calorie.
(A) high             (B) numerous
(C) big                (D) large
Answer: D
60.    Within a short period of time, he reached the ……….… of his career.
(A) pinnacle      (B) climax
(C) acme           (D) optimum
Answer: A

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