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HSST Computer Science 2006 Solved Paper - Part 2

21.       For some page–replacement algorithms, the page-fault rate may increase as the number of allocated frames increases. This is known as:
(A) Thrashing
(B) Swapping
(C) Belady’s anomaly
(D) Fragmentation
Answer: C
22.       The Unix incode contains ........... pointers to data blocks and .............. pointers to indirect blocks.
(A) 10,3
(B) 10,5
(C) 12,3
(D) 15,5
Answer: C
inode : a data structure that contains information about files on the disk. Each file has an inode and is identified by an inode number.
The inode also contains 15 pointers to the disk blocks containing the file’s data contents. First 12 point to direct blocks. Next three point to indirect blocks.

23.       Which of the following disk scheduling algorithms may result in starvation?
(B) Shortest-seek-time-first
Answer: B
24.       An RPC uses ............... to execute a routine on a remote system.
Answer: D
25.       ‘Location transparency’ in distributed systems means that:
(A) Name of the file does not reveal any hint of its physical storage location
(B) Name of the file does not need to be changed when the storage location changes
(C) The storage location can be understood from the name of the file
(D) Name of the file will change if the storage location changes
Answer: A
26.       The BSD version of UNIX was developed by:
(A) Bell Labs
(C) University of Berkeley
(D) Sun Microsystems
Answer: C
BSD: Berkeley Software Distribution

27.       An example of a file system whose contents are not actually stored anywhere, but are computed on demand is:
(C) proc
(D) ext3
Answer: C
procfs or the proc file system is a virtual file system in Unix like operating systems that resides in the kernels memory. It is an example of a file system whose contents are not actually stored anywhere but are computed on demand according to user file I/O requests.

28.       Which among the following is a type of top-down parsing?
(A) Predictive parsing                                    
(B) Shift-reduce parsing
(C) Operator precedence parsing
(D) LR parsing
Answer: A
In computer science, parsing means divide a computer language statement into smaller parts. Parsing is done by a parser is a program, usually part of a compiler.
Recursive-descent parsing is a top-down method of syntax analysis that executes a set of recursive procedure to process the input.
A predictive parsing is a special form of recursive-descent parsing, in which the current input token unambiguously determines the production to be applied at each step.

29.       If r and s are regular expressions denoting languages L(r) and L(s), then (r)|(s) is a regular expression denoting:
(A) L(r) U L(s)
(B) L(r) L(s)
(C) {E}
(D)  L(rs)
Answer: A
30.    What will the following program fragment output?
Integer i=new integer (5);
Integer j=new Integer (5);
If (i==j)System.out.println(“Equal”);
else System.out.println(“Not equal”);
(A) Equal                      
(B) Not Equal
(C) Equal Not equal
(D) The program doesn’t compile= = can’t be used with references
Answer: B

31.    A grammar with the property that no production right side has two adjacent non-terminals is called:
(A) Context-free grammar
(B) Context sensitive grammar
(C) Operator Grammar
(D) Regular grammar
Answer: C
32.    Yacc is a:
(A) Lexical analyzer generator
(B) Parser generator
(B) Macro pre-processor
(D) Code optimizer
Answer: B
33.    .............. uses an FAT for file allocation.
(A) OS/2
(B) Linux
(C) Unix
(D) Solaris
Answer: A
34.    Which among the following is true of LL (1) grammar?
(A) ambiguous
(B) not ambiguous     
(D) sometimes ambiguous
(D) left-recursive
Answer: B
35.    Apple Computer’s version of the high-performance serial bus used to connect devices to the personal computer is:
(A) Fire Wire
(B) High-Performance Parallel Interface
(C) Parallel sysplex
Answer: A
36.    Which among the following is a set of ANSI parallel interfaces that allow personal computers to communicate with peripheral hardware?
(A) UpnP
Answer: B
37.    Which among the following is false?
(A) A relation scheme can be in Third Normal Form but not in Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF)
(B) Every BCNF relation scheme is in Third Normal Form.
(C) BCNF provides freedom from insertion and deletion anomalies.
(D) If a relation scheme has partial dependencies, it is in Second Normal Form.
Answer: D
38.    A foreign key imposes a specific kind of integrity to related tables. What is the name of this integrity?
(A) Schema
(B) Referential
(C) Expatriate
(D) Data
Answer: B
39.    Which among the following is a high-bandwidth interface between a computer and a hard disk or a tape device? The latest version of this interface supports RAID.
(A) Intelligent Peripheral interface
(B) Small Computer System Interface
(C) RS-232C
(D) Centronics parallel interface
Answer: A
40.    The ............... consists of individual user views of portions of the database.
(A) User-level Schema
(B) Internal-level Schema
(C) External-level Schema
(D) Conceptual –level schema
Answer: C

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