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HSST Computer Science 2006 Solved Paper - Part 3

41.       An attribute that is used as a linkage from records in one table to a record in another table is specified as the ..............
(A) Pointer field           
(B) Foreign Key
(C) Secondary Key
(D) Primary Key
Answer: B
42.       Data is stored on computer systems in files. The two basic file types are:
(A) Master and Database      
(B) Master and Transaction
(C) Transaction and DBMS
(D) Master File and Accounts Receivable File
Answer: B
43.       Which of the following statements in not true with respect to the characteristics of the Master and the Transaction files?
(A) A transaction files contain records that hold the details of daily events affecting an attribute of the master file
(B) A master file should only contain data that are of a permanent or semi permanent nature
(C) A transaction file is similar to a ledger in a manual accounting system
(D) Records in the transaction file are used to update some of the data in the master 
Answer: C
44.       Which of the following cannot be blank (Null)?
(A) Foreign Key
(B) Secondary Key
(C) Primary Key
(D) Connecting Key
Answer: C
45.       Every DBMS provides for the three basic functions of creating, modifying and querying the database. Sets of commands (languages) exist to perform each of the three functions. Select the option that matches the order of the languages to the order of the functions: querying, creating and modifying the database.
Answer: A
46.       Third normal form is a tem used to describe:
(A) a database that is well structured
(B) a model that has been through three revisions.
(C) a table that has three columns
(D) a package containing the three levels of schema
Answer: A
47.       A plug-and –play interface that allows you to add a new device such as a scanner or printer to your computer without having to add an adapter card or even having turn the computer off is:
(A) Audio/Modem Riser
(B) Universal Serial Bus
(D) Virtual device driver
Answer: B
48.       The microchip that controls a computer’s interface to its attached serial devices is:
(A) Virtual Device driver
(B) Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
(C) Serial presence detect
(D) Bus master
Answer: B
49.       Anomalies can occur in a poorly designed database. One type of anomaly occurs when the removal of a record in the customer table inadvertently removes information about sales. What is the name of this anomaly?
(A) Erase anomaly
(B) Delete anomaly
(C) Update anomaly
(D) Insert anomaly
Answer: B
50.    “Get me the date attribute of the third tuple in the sales order relation”. What is being requested?
(A) The person wants the value in the date field of the third table that is related to sales order
(B) The person wants the value in the date field in the third row of the sales order item table.
(C) The person wants the value in the date field of the third record in the sales order table.
(D) The person wants the value in the date field of the third sales order that is related to the sales order item table.
Answer: C

51.    The file-oriented approach to data storage creates a set of files for each application program. The database approach combines all of the files in a database and lets the application programs get the data that they needs through a DBMS. Which of the following statements is correct?
(A) The database approach separates the logical view of data from the physical view
(B) The database approach reduces the amount of redundancy in an organization
(C) The database approach views data as an organizational resource that should be managed by the organization rather than by individual departments.
(D) All of the above are correct
Answer: D
52.    When is the TTL field in an IP packet decremented?
(A) Each time the packet is forwarded
(B) Once every second
(C) When a packet reached destination
(D) When a packet is discarded.
Answer: A
53.    Which protocol is used to carry error messages from the network to an IP source?
Answer: C
54.    In which cache mapping method is it possible to load each main memory block to any line of the cache?
(A) Direct Mapping
(B) Associative mapping
(C) Set-associative mapping
(D) None of the above
Answer: B
55.    The capacity of a double-sided dual- layer DVD-ROM is:
(A) 660MB
(B) 4.7GB
(C) 8.5GB
(D) 17 GB
Answer: D
56.    Which among the following chips is a Programmable Peripheral Interface?
(A) 82C55A
(B) 82C59A
(C) 82C53
(D) 8257A
Answer: A
57.    Which among the following is a little-endian machine?
(A) DEC Alpha
(B) IBM System 370
(D) Motorola 680x0
Answer: A
58.    Hexadecimal equivalent of the decimal number 204.125 is:
(A) BD.201
(B) CC.201
(C) CC.1A
(D) CC.2
Answer: D
59.    Decimal equivalent of the binary number 11100.101 is:
(A) 28.575
(B) 28.625        
(C) 28.75
(D) 28.875
Answer: B
60.    Which of the following is TRUE about the switch statement in Java?
(A) A default sends execution immediately to the end of the switch statement
(B) A break sends execution immediately to the end of the switch statement
(C) A case sends execution immediately to the end of the switch statement
(D) A break sends execution immediately to the end of the next case.
Answer: B

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