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HSST Computer Science 2006 Solved Paper - Part 5

81.       Which among the following is a boot loader?
(B) MBR           
Answer: A
82.       Which among the following is the fastest sorting method?
(A) Heapsort
(B) Insertion sort
(C) Selection sort
(D) Bubble Sort
Answer: A
83.       Who developed the concept of semaphores?
(A) Dekker
(B) Tanenbaum
(C) Kruskal
(D) Dijkstra
Answer: D
84.       Which among the following is not object oriented?
(A) Java
(B) Smalltalk
(C) Delphi
Answer: D
85.       Which among the following is used for file sharing among different platforms?
(C) ext3
Answer: D
86.       Which among the following SQL commands is a projection operation?
(B) SELECT     
Answer: B
87.       Which among the following is a clipping algorithm?
(A) Kruskal’s
(B) Cohen-Sutherland
(C) Dijkstra’s
(D) Prim’s
Answer: B
88.       Which is not a comparison based sort?
(A) Radix Sort
(B) Quick sort
(C) Heap Sort
(D) Merge Sort
Answer: A
89.       The worst case time of Quick sort is?
(A) O(n log n)
(B) O(n2)
(C) O(n2 log n)
(D) O(n2)
Answer: D
90.    The port number used by SMTP is:
(A) 21
(B) 23
(C) 25
(D) 80
Answer: C

91.    Which among the following problems is undecidable?
(A) Given a grammar G and a string w, to determine whether w is in L(G)
(B) Given a grammar G1 and G2, to determine whether L(G1)=L(G2)
(C) For an arbitrary grammar G, to determine whether L(G) is empty.
(D) All of the above.
Answer: D
92.    Which algorithm is used to form a minimum spanning tree?
(A) Prim’s algorithm
(B) Strassen’s algorithm
(C) Dijkstra’s algorithm
(D) Stirling’s formula
Answer: A
93.    In linux, the daemon which runs user programs at periodic scheduled times is:
(A) named
(B) Ipd
(C) crond
(D) gated
Answer: C
94.    Which of the following is a screen, attached externally to a monitor, that plugs into a serial or Universal Serial Bus(USB) port or a bus card installed inside the computer?
(A) digiboard
(B) patch panel
(C) Source-route transparent bridging
(D) touch screen
Answer: D
95.    The designation for an electronics standard for connecting devices to your personal computer is:
(A) Universal Serial Bus
(B) IEEE 1394
(C) Universal Plug and Play
(D) Attachment unit interface
Answer: B
96.    In a Java program, you read the following statement that compiles and executes:
Cookie cookie=new Cookie(“chocolate chips”);
What can you conclude?
(A) Cookie is the name of the class
(B) Cookie is a primitive type variable
(C) The Cookie class must have a constructor that has one formal parameter of type String
(D) (A) and (C)
Answer: D
97.    You are programming a game of dice in Java. You need to generate a random integer that can be 1,2,3,4,5 or 6. Which of the following expression would you select?
(A) math.random( )*6             
(B) ((int)Math.random( ))*6+1
(C) (int)(Math.random( )*6)+1
(D) (int)(Math.random( )+6)
Answer: C
98.    Which among the following is not an e-mail protocol?
(A) POP3
Answer: D
99.    In linux, what does runlevel 6 of init do?
(A) reboot
(B) single-user mode
(C) multi-user mode
(D) shutdown
Answer: A
100.    Which among the following products is a proxy server?
(A) Squid
(B) Apache
(C) Pine
Answer: A

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