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HSST English SR for SC/ST (Category Code: 034/2016) - Part 3

41.       Which poem inspired Rossetti to pen the "The Blessed Damozel"?
(A) "The Raven"
(B) "Prophyria's Lover"
(C) "Christabel"
(D) "Lucy Gray"
Answer: A
42.       Name the Feminist critic who read Wuthering Heights as Emily Bronte's myth about creation.
(A) Susan Gubar
(B) Elaine Showalter
(C) Sandra Gilbert
(D) Judith Fetterly
Answer: C
43.       Which quality of his wife's had, according to Henchard done him "more harm than the bitterest temper"?
(A) Piety
(B) Meekness
(C) Humility
(D) Modesty
Answer: B
44.       Who is the author of Fearful Symmetry?
(A) C.M. Bowra
(B) M.H. Abrams
(C) Eric Auerbach
(D) Northrope Frye
Answer: D
45.       "Behold the child among his new-born blisses". Whose son is referred to in these lines from "Immortality Ode"?
(A) Wordsworth's
(B) Coleridge's
(C) Southey's
(D) Shelley's
Answer: B
46.       "If Austen's is an art of the cameo, Dicken's is one of the poster". Which critic said this?
(A) Terry Eagleton
(B) Arnold Kettle
(C) David Daiches
(D) David Lodge
Answer: A
47.       Ernest is the fictitious identity of ............... in importance of Being Earnest.
(A) Jack Worthing
(B) Algernon
(C) Dr. Frederick
(D) Rev. Chasuble
Answer: A
48.       Which character in Pride and Prejudice stands testimony to Austen's distaste for high aristocracy?
(A) Catherine Morland
(B) Mrs. Norris
(C) Catherine de Bourgh
(D) Fanny Price
Answer: C
49.       Which poem of Hopkins is dedicated to 'Christ our Lord'?
(A) "God's Grandeur"
(B) "Pied Beauty"
(C) "The Windhover"
(D) "Inversnaid"
Answer: C
50.    Whom does Lamb describe as "the most irrelevant thing in nature", "a lion in your path", "A Lazarus at your door" and so on in one of his essays?
(A) A drunkard
(B) Poor relation
(C) A clerk in South Sea House
(D) A bachelor
Answer: B

51.    In the myth of Pygmalion, who brings about the transformation of Galatea?
(A) Athena
(B) Demeter
(C) Aphrodite
(D) Venus
Answer: C
52.    "I leave you to the pleasures of your higher vices", says the first Tempter in Murder in the Cathedral. What is the "higher vice" mentioned?
(A) Material glories
(B) Ambition
(C) Spiritual pride
(D) Loyalty to the King
Answer: C
53.    Name the character in Waiting for Godot who can't think without his bowler?
(A) Estrogen
(B) Vladimir
(C) Pozzo
(D) Lucky
Answer: D
54.    The title "A Game of Chess" which forms the II section of "The Wasteland" is borrowed from the title of which dramatist's play?
(A) Richard Sheridan
(B) Thomas Middleton
(C) Congreve
(D) Webster
Answer: B
55.    Dylan Thomas' "Poem in October" commemorates his birthday. Which one?
(A) 30th
(B) 35th
(C) 40th
(D) 39th
Answer: A
56.    From among the following poets pick out the one who is not a Movement poet?
(A) John Wain
(B) John Holloway
(C) Kingsley Amis
(D) Peter Porter
Answer: D
57.    Seamus Heaney's "Tollund man" foregrounds his ................ perspective.
(A) Political
(B) Catholic
(C) Archaeological
(D) Mythical
Answer: C
58.    Who is the Christ figure in Lord of the Flies?
(A) Simon
(B) Ralph
(C) Jack
(D) Piggy
Answer: A
59.    Anna in The Golden Notebook has a rejuvenating experience towards the end with
(A) Saul
(B) Paul
(C) Michael
(D) Tom
Answer: A
60.    The setting for Greene's The Heart of the Matter is a British Colony in
(A) South Africa
(B) West Africa
(C) Jamaica
(D) Canada
Answer: B

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