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HSST English SR for SC/ST (Category Code: 034/2016) - Part 4

61.       According to Aristotle ............... "is very artless and least particular to the art of poetic composition."
(A) Diction
(B) Character
(C) Song
(D) Spectacle
Answer: D
62.       "His tragedy seems to be skill, his comedy to be ..................". Complete the quote by Johnson on Shakespeare.
(A) Instinct
(B) Nature
(C) Competent
(D) Contrived
Answer: A
63.       In Rasa theory, the bodily expression by which emotion is communicated is called
(A) Vyabhicari
(B) Anubhava
(C) Vibhava
(D) Alambana
Answer: B
64.       The two poets on whom Arnold puts the charge of lacking "high seriousness" are
(A) Shakespeare and Dante
(B) Burns and Chaucer
(C) Shelley and Gray
(D) Pope and Dryden
Answer: B
65.       From which collection of essays is Lionel Trilling's "Freud and Literature" taken?
(A) The Opposing Self
(B) Beyond Culture
(C) The Liberal imagination
(D) Psychoanalysis and literature
Answer: C
66.       The male critic whom Elaine Showalter identifies as a prime example of androcentric criticism in her 1979 essay is
(A) Irving Howe
(B) Lionel Trilling
(C) Malcolm Bradbury
(D) Mark Schorer
Answer: A
67.       To what chemical process does T.S. Eliot compare the poetic process in "Tradition and Individual Talent" ?
(A) Fission
(B) Fusion
(C) Catalytic reaction
(D) Exothermic reaction
Answer: C
68.       In "What is an Author"? Foucault argues that the author is
(A) An individual
(B) Dead
(C) An author function
(D) Owner of a work
Answer: C
69.       "The Language of Paradox" was first published in
(A) 1950
(B) 1945
(C) 1948
(D) 1942
Answer: D
70.    The literary term for transferring the usual perception of an object into the sphere of a new perception to make a unique semantic modification is called
(A) Formalism
(B) Alienation
(C) Defamiliarisation
(D) Aesthetics
Answer: C

71.    .................... was formulated to explain how the Great Consonant Shift happened.
(A) Verner's Law
(B) Grimm's Law
(C) Wave theory
(D) Pedigree theory
Answer: B
72.    The structural device that formed an essential part of versification in Old English is
(A) Alliteration
(B) Assonance
(C) Rhythm
(D) Caesura
Answer: A
73.    The Middle English period begins with the .............. conquest.
(A) Norman
(B) Roman
(C) Anglo Saxon
(D) Jutes
Answer: A
74.    What were the striking differences between Chaucerian and present day pronunciations due to?
(A) The Great Consonant Shift
(B) Spread of Education
(C) Invention of Printing
(D) The Great Vowel Shift
Answer: D
75.    The shifting of stress from the initial syllable was the result of ................ influence.
(A) Greek
(B) French
(C) Latin
(D) Indian
Answer: C
76.    The formation of the word 'atone' from the old usage 'at one' is an example of
(A) Back-formation
(B) Compounding
(C) Syncopation
(D) Telescoping
Answer: D
77.    The word 'pandemonium' is the contribution of
(A) Shakespeare
(B) Milton
(C) Spenser
(D) Chaucer
Answer: B
78.    The ways in which sounds influence each other is called
(A) Elision
(B) Juncture
(C) Assimilation
(D) Aspiration
Answer: C
79.    Transformational Generative Grammar was first introduced by
(A) Halliday
(B) Chomsky
(C) Bloomfield
(D) Zellig Harris
Answer: B
80.    Who is the proponent of the approach called descriptive linguistics?
(A) Bloomfield
(B) Sapir
(C) Jakobson
(D) Chomsky
Answer: A

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