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HSST English SR for SC/ST (Category Code: 034/2016) - Part 5

81.       "I must work fast, faster than Scheherazade". From which Indian English novel is this quote taken?
(A) Shadow Lines
(B) God of Small Things
(C) English Patient
(D) Midnight's Children
Answer: D
82.       The narrative cycle in The Bluest Eye begins with the ............. season.
(A) Autumn
(B) Spring
(C) Winter
(D) Summer
Answer: A
83.       To which frost collection does "The Road Not Taken" belong?
(A) A Boy's Will
(B) North of Boston
(C) New Hampshire
(D) Mountain Interval
Answer: D
84.       What imagery is used in "Daddy" to describe the husband?
(A) Black shoe
(B) Ghastly statue
(C) Swastika
(D) Vampire
Answer: D
85.       Ezekial's "Poet, Lover, Birdwatcher" is taken from
(A) Hymns in Darkness
(B) The Exact Name
(C) The Unfinished Man
(D) A Time to Change
Answer: B
86.       Who in The Glass Menagerie is the chief spokesperson for the American dream?
(A) Amanda
(B) Jim
(C) Tom
(D) Laura
Answer: B
87.       From where is the title of Faulkner's The Sound and The Fury taken?
(A) Tempest
(B) Dr. Faustus
(C) Macbeth
(D) Hamlet
Answer: C
88.       Maya Angelou's "Phenomenal Woman" begins with a scathing attack on
(A) Stereotypes
(B) Men
(C) Society
(D) Women
Answer: A
89.       Which character in Padmanabhan's Harvest tries to appropriate Jaya's body in the final scene?
(A) Virgil
(B) Zina Anaplioti
(C) Sam Chase
(D) Jeffrey Withers
Answer: A
90.    In which year was Ellison's Invisible Man published?
(A) 1958
(B) 1952
(C) 1960
(D) 1955
Answer: B

91.    Name the postcolonial critic who used the phrase 'derivative discourse' as the subtitle of his book which challenges Benedict Anderson's model.
(A) Aijaz Ahmed
(B) Homi Bhabha
(C) Partha Chatterjee
(D) Edward Said
Answer: C
92.    Which postcolonial critic, in reworking the Oedipal concept of identity formation, described colonialism as an Oedipal scene of forbidden desire (for the white woman)?
(A) Albert Memmi
(B) Benita Parry
(C) Aime Cesaire
(D) Frantz Fanon
Answer: D
93.    Who is the author of Epistemology of the Closet?
(A) Judith Butler
(B) Eva Sedgwick
(C) Michael Warner
(D) Tobin Siebers
Answer: B
94.    A method based on the parallel reading of literary and non-literary texts is called
(A) New Historicism
(B) Cultural Materialism
(C) Pluralism
(D) Narratology
Answer: A
95.    The founder of Ecocriticism as an institutional movement in the USA is
(A) William Rueckert
(B) Karl Kroeber
(C) Cheryll Glotfelty
(D) Margaret Fuller
Answer: C
96.    Name the author of the work, Finding the Centre : Two Narratives, in which home is figured as an illusion for immigrants.
(A) Homi Bhabha
(B) Salman Rushdie
(C) V.S. Naipaul
(D) Amitav Ghosh
Answer: C
97.    What is the term Homi Bhabha appropriates from Freud to describe border disruptions causing trauma and anxiety that subvert binaries in diasporic identity constructions?
(A) Hybridity
(B) Uncanny
(C) Oedipal
(D) Transference
Answer: B
98.    The idea that everything is a model or an image, all is surface without depth is termed ................. by Baudrillard.
(A) Simulation
(B) Simulacra
(C) Representation
(D) Hypereality
Answer: D
99.    The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere is the work of
(A) Jurgen Habermas
(B) Nancy Fraser
(C) Stuart Hall
(D) Simon During
Answer: A
100.    Cultural Studies in Britain developed out of the work of ................. through Hoggart and Raymond Williams.
(A) Mathew Arnold
(B) F. R. Leavis
(C) Michel Foucault
(D) Theodor Adorno
Answer: B

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