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HSST English NCA (Category Code: 060/2016) - Part 2

21.       ‘Adult suffrage’ means
(A)  All adults have right to vote
(B) Adult have a duty to serve the nation
(C) Duty of the Adult to look after their children
(D)  All adult have equality right
Answer: A
22.       Constituent Assembly adopted the constitution on
(A) 26th Jan 1950
(B) 26th Nov 1949
(C) 25th Aug 1948
(D) 29th Sep 1949
Answer: B
23.       Which among the following is most appropriate to indicates the nature of Indian Constitution
(A) Unitary
(B) Federal
(C) Federal with unitary Tendency
(D) Unitary with Federal Tendency
Answer: C
24.       …………… is a criterion to decide ‘Minority’ status.
(A) Caste
(B) Race
(C) Economic Status
(D)  Language
Answer: D
25.       ………………administers oath of office to Governor
(A)  President of India
(B)  Attorney General
(C)  Advocate General
(D) Chief Justice of the High Court
Answer: D
26.       Child Welfare Committees (CWC) are established under …………
(A) Juvenile Justice Act
(B) Child Welfare Act
(C) Factories Act
(D) Child Labour Prohibition Act
Answer: A
27.       National Green Tribunal is established in the year ……..
(A) 2008
(B) 2009
(C) 2010
(D) 2011
Answer: C
28.       Central Information Commission or State Information Commission may impose penalty on a Public Information Officer (PIO) who refused to act as per the requirement of Right to Information Act. What is the maximum penalty that can be imposed on such a PIO?
(A) Rs. 10,000/
(B) Rs. 15,000/-
(C) Rs. 20,000/-
(D) Rs. 25,000/-
Answer: D
29.       Time Limit Prescribed Under Right to Service Act for issuance of Income Certificate from Village Office or Taluk Office is ….......
(A) Three days
(B) Six Days
(C) Seven Days
(D) 15 Days
Answer: B
30.    …………. in every eligible household, shall be head of the household for the purpose of issue of ration cards Under the National Food Security Act, 2013.
(A) Eldest Male Member who is above 18 years of age.
(B) Eldest earning member of the household
(C) Eldest woman who is not less than 18 years of age
(D) Eldest male member of any age
Answer: C

31.    The companion poem to Spenser's "Prothalamion."
(A) Amoretti
(B) Epithalamion
(C) Prosopopoia
(D) Babel
Answer: B
32.    In which of these plays does death, decay and disease appear as the central motif?
(A) The Winter's Tale
(B) The Tempest
(C) Julius Caesar
(D) Hamlet
Answer: D
33.    Identify the figure of speech in the line "No tear-floods, nor sigh-tempests move;"
(A) hyperbole
(B) metaphysical conceit
(C) personification
(D) synecdoche
Answer: A
34.    Shakespeare's sonnets were first published in the year ..............
(A) 1600
(B) 1606
(C) 1609
(D) 1619
Answer: C
35.    Bosola is a character in the play .............
(A) The Duchess of Malfi
(B) The Way of the World
(C) Twelfth Night
(D) The White Devil
Answer: A
36.    The mythological character to whom Dr Faustus is compared to in the prologue to Marlowe's play "Dr Faustus."
(A) Daedalus
(B) Apollo
(C) Theseus
(D) Icarus
Answer: D
37.    Who applied the epithet "Augustan" for the first time?
(A) John Dryden
(B) Matthew Arnold
(C) Dr Samuel Johnson
(D) Ben Jonson
Answer: C
38.    Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales" is a collection of ................ tales narrated by a group of pilgrims.
(A) 22
(B) 24
(C) 26
(D) 28
Answer: B
39.    Who defined the novel as "a comic epic in prose"?
(A) Laurence Sterne
(B) Samuel Richardson
(C) Henry Fielding
(D) Daniel Defoe
Answer: C
40.    What happens to Adan and Eve immediately after they eat the forbidden fruit in Milton's "Paradise Lost" Book IX?
(A) they feel guilty
(B) they are consumed by lust
(C) they are banished from the Garden of Eden by God
(D) they blame Satan for their fall
Answer: B

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