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Overseer/Draftsman Gr II Solved Paper (Cat.Code - 252/2014) - Part 2

21.       The instrument belongs to a class of reflecting instrument is
(A) Line Ranger
(B) Box sextant
(C) Prismatic compass
(D) All of the above
Answer: D
22.       When 1 cm on a map represents 100 M on the ground, the representative fraction of the scale is
(A) 1/10
(B) 1/100
(C) 1/1000
(D) 1/10000
Answer: D
23.       The BM establish by the survey of India is known as the
(A) GTS bench mark
(B) Arbitrary bench mark
(C) Permanent bench mark
(D) All of the above
Answer: A
24.       The line joining points of equal elevation is known as
(A) Contour line
(B) Horizontal
(C) Vertical line
(D) All of the above
Answer: A
25.       Planning of the part of building with respect to the sun, wind direction and topography of locally is called
(A) Bye law
(B) Orientation
(C) Planning
(D) Section
Answer: B
26.       The method of surveying in which field work and plotting work are done simultaneously, is called
(A) Plane table surveying
(B) Chain surveying
(C) Leveling
(D) Compass surveying
Answer: A
27.       How many % is added for contingencies in abstract of estimated cost?
(A) 2 – 3 %
(B) 7 – 8 %
(C) 5 – 6 %
(D) 3 – 5 %
Answer: D
28.       The brick work is not measured in CUBIC METER in case of
(A) Reinforced brick work
(B) Brick work in arch
(C) One of more than brick wall
(D) Half brick work
Answer: D
29.       Granites is an example of
(A) Argillaceous rock
(B) Calcareous rock
(C) Both 1 and 2
(D) Siliceous rock
Answer: D
30.    Example of an arch dam in India
(A) Krishna Sagar
(B) Idukki
(C) Bhakra
(D) Mullaperiyar
Answer: B

31.    Which is the process of killing bacteria from water?
(A) Disinfection
(B) Sedimentation
(C) Filtration
(D) Coagulation
Answer: A
32.    The colour of brick depends upon the amount of
(A) Alumina
(B) Silica
(C) Iron oxide
(D) Alkalies
Answer: C
33.    In a good brick clay the percentage of alumina should vary from
(A) 20 to 30 %
(B) 50 to 65 %
(C) 15 to 25 %
(D) 20 to 40 %
Answer: A
34.    In the analysis of rates, contractor's profit is generally taken as
(A) 5 %
(B) 20 %
(C) 15 %
(D) 10 %
Answer: D
35.    In a whole circle bearing system corresponds to N 54°15’ W
(A) 305°45’
(B) 414°15’
(C) 125°45’
(D) 144°15’
Answer: A
36.    The first watering before sowing the crop
(A) Paleo
(B) Run off
(C) Precipitation
(D) None of the above
Answer: A
37.    Represents the irrigating capacity of a unit of water
(A) Delta
(B) Duty
(C) Catchment Area
(D) Commanded Area
Answer: B
38.    The relation between depth of water and duty is
(A) Δ = B/D
(B) Δ = B×D
(C) Δ = 8.64 D/B
(D) Δ = 8.64 B/D
Answer: D
39.    Size of B0 drawing board
(A) 1000 mm × 700 mm
(B) 1500 mm × 1000 mm
(C) 700 mm × 500 mm
(D) 500 mm × 350 mm
Answer: B
40.    The size of field book is
(A) 20 × 12 cm
(B) 12 × 20 cm
(C) 25 × 20 cm
(D) 20 × 25 cm
Answer: A

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