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Overseer/Draftsman Gr II Solved Paper (Cat.Code - 252/2014) - Part 3

41.       Water absorption by a first class brick in 24 hours immersed in water should not exceed
(A) 10 %
(B) 20 %
(C) 15 %
(D) 5 %
Answer: B
42.       Recommended slumps of normal RCC work
(A) 80 to 150 mm
(B) 40 to 50 mm
(C) 20 to 40 mm
(D) 10 to 25 mm
Answer: A
43.       Curing period of ordinary port land cement
(A) 5 to 6 days
(B) 7 to 14 days
(C) 15 to 20 days
(D) 22 days
Answer: B
44.       The innermost central portion of the tree is called
(A) Heart wood
(B) Annual rings
(C) Inner bark
(D) Pith
Answer: D
45.       In light weight concrete, the concrete having bulk density between
(A) 5 to 18 KN/m3
(B) 5 to 25 KN/m3
(C) 5 to 35 KN/m3
(D) 5 to 14 KN/m3
Answer: A
46.       Which type of lime in used for white washing?
(A) Quick lime
(B) Fat lime
(C) Hydraulic lime
(D) None of these
Answer: B
47.       In the construction of an arches the wedge shaped bricks are used known as
(A) Bullnose
(B) Cow nose
(C) Voussoirs
(D) Conic bridge
Answer: C
48.       According to Rankin's formula minimum depth of foundation
(A) P/W [1 – Sin `phi` /1 + Sin `phi``]^(2)`
(B) P/W [1 + Sin `phi` /1 Sin `phi``]^(2)`
(C) Both 1 and 2
(D) None of the above
Answer: A
49.       Screws for wood work is specified by it's
(A) Weight
(B) Shape
(C) Diameter
(D) Length
Answer: D
50.    The liquid waste from kitchens, bathrooms, and wash basins etc.
(A) Sludge
(B) Sullage
(C) Refuse
(D) Garbage
Answer: B

51.    The projection of tread beyond the riser is called
(A) Rise
(B) Riser
(C) Going
(D) Nosing
Answer: D
52.    The length of revenue chain
(A) 33 feet
(B) 33 metre
(C) 66 feet
(D) 66 metre
Answer: A
53.    The removal of any liquid by a system constructed for the purpose is
(A) Sewer
(B) Sewerage
(C) Drain
(D) Drainage
Answer: D
54.    The size of the letter is described its
(A) Height
(B) Breadth
(C) Length
(D) Shape
Answer: A
55.    A culvert with the total length less than 1 m is called
(A) Culvert
(B) Afflux
(C) Water way
(D) Vent way
Answer: D
56.    Hearting is the portion of a
(A) Bricks cut across the width
(B) Wall not exposed to weather
(C) Wall between facing and backing
(D) Covering placed on the exposed of an external wall
Answer: C
57.    The device to preserve the water seal in a trap by providing ventilation
(A) Self syphonage
(B) Ventilation pipe
(C) Back syphonage
(D) Anti-syphonage pipe
Answer: D
58.    The fittings used for wash hand basin
(A) Ablution fittings
(B) Soil fittings
(C) Both 1 and 2
(D) None of the above
Answer: A
59.    The volume of one bag of cement weighing 50 kg is
(A) 0.345 m3
(B) 0.0345 m3
(C) 0.00345 m3
(D) 3.45 m3
Answer: B
60.    The horizontal angle between true meridian and magnetic meridian
(A) Declination
(B) Local attraction
(C) Dip
(D) Bearing
Answer: A

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