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Overseer/Draftsman Gr II Solved Paper (Cat.Code - 252/2014) - Part 4

61.       The Portion of a road used by vehicle traffic is called
(A) Foot path
(B) Camber
(C) Kerb
(D) Carriage way
Answer: D
62.       When the cost of estimate is exceeds by 10 % or more, required to be prepared?
(A) Supplementary estimate
(B) Preliminary estimate
(C) Detailed estimate
(D) Revised estimate
Answer: D
63.       The path traced by the projectile is called
(A) Horizontal Range
(B) Trajectory
(C) Angle of projection
(D) Perspective projection
Answer: B
64.       The vertical member of shutter of doors and windows are called
(A) Styles
(B) Posts
(C) Upright
(D) Rails
Answer: A
65.       Minimum crushing strength of first class bricks
(A) 70 Kg/Cm2
(B) 75 Kg/Cm2
(C) 105 Kg/Cm2
(D) 120 Kg/Cm2
Answer: C
66.       The weight of 8 mm bar is
(A) 0.89 Kg/m
(B) 0.25 Kg/m
(C) 0.39 Kg/m
(D) 0.49 Kg/m
Answer: C
67.       The time elapsed from the first watering at time of sowing the crop to the last watering when the crops mature
(A) Base period
(B) Crop period
(C) Duty
(D) Delta
Answer: A
68.       Commonly used bond for the construction of brick wall
(A) Flemish Bond
(B) Monk Bond
(C) Diagonal Bond
(D) English Bond
Answer: D
69.       Which type of trap is used for water closet?
(A) Q-Trap
(B) Strap
(C) P Trap
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
70.    The width of broad gauge railway line is
(A) 1.5 m
(B) 1.676 m
(C) 1 m
(D) 1.25 m
Answer: B

71.    The scale of chord is used to measure
(A) Area
(B) Length
(C) Diameter
(D) Angle
Answer: D
72.    Total weight of 25 bags of cement is
(A) 1000 Kg
(B) 1440 Kg
(C) 1250 Kg
(D) 50 Kg
Answer: C
73.    The constant vertical distance between two consecutive contour is
(A) Contour interval
(B) Horizontal equivalent
(C) Contour line
(D) Contour equivalent
Answer: A
74.    Duty is measured is
(A) Hectare/Cum/Minutes
(B) Hectare/Cum/Second
(C) Area/Second/Hrs.
(D) Area/Cum/Hrs.
Answer: B
75.    Which one is used for measuring more than two units?
(A) Diagonal Scale
(B) Vernier Scale
(C) Plane Scale
(D) None of the above
Answer: A
76.    Removal of form work of slabs (Prop left under)
(A) 2 days
(B) 3 days
(C) 4 days
(D) 5 days
Answer: B
77.    The distance between the time of action of the resultant compression and the time of action of resultant tension
(A) Lever arm
(B) Moment resistance
(C) Moment of inertia
(D) Fulcrum
Answer: A
78.    The distance between the surface bars and surface of concrete
(A) Form work
(B) Cover
(C) Both 1 and 2
(D) All of the above
Answer: B
79.    The pipes should provide at inlets and outlets of the septic tank
(A) U-Pipes
(B) V-Pipes
(C) T-Pipes
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
80.    Which type of joint is used in frame of door and windows?
(A) Dovetail joint
(B) Butt joint
(C) Lap joint
(D) Mortise and tenon joints
Answer: D

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