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Staff Nurse Gr II Ayurvedha Solved Paper (Cat. Code: 051/2016) - Part 2

21.       International nurses day is observed on
(A) January 11
(B) March 8
(C) July 1
(D) May 12
Answer: D
22.       Which among the following is not regarded as a vital sign?
(A) Temperature
(B) Pulse
(C) Respiration
(D) None of the above
Answer: D
23.       Which among the following is an instrument used for measuring specific gravity of urine?
(A) Urometer
(B) Urinometer
(C) Spirometer
(D) None of the above
Answer: B
24.       Name the test for detection of urine sugar
(A) Benedict's test
(B) Hay's test
(C) Rothera's test
(D) Benzidine test
Answer: A
25.       Nasal feeding may be indicated in
(A) Unconscious patients
(B) Mental patients
(C) Premature babies
(D) All of the above
Answer: D
26.       Stiffening of the body after death is called
(A) Livor mortis
(B) Algor mortis
(C) Rigor mortis
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
27.       The smallest bone in the body is
(A) Stapes
(B) Patella
(C) Sesamoid
(D) Hyoid
Answer: A
28.       Average time duration for placing the clinical thermometer for recording body temperature orally
(A) <1 mt
(B) 2-4 mts
(C) <5 mts
(D) 2-3 mts
Answer: D
29.       Which among the following is the last sense to leave the dying body?
(A) Vision
(B) Audition
(C) Gestation
(D) Olfaction
Answer: B
30.    Normal ESR value by Westergren's method in males
(A) 3-7 mm in 1 hr
(B) 0-5 mm in 1 hr
(C) 5-10 mm in 1 hr
(D) None of the above
Answer: A

31.    Most common complication in the usage of IUCD is
(A) Menorrhagia
(B) Ectopic pregnancy
(C) Vaginal infections
(D) Uterine perforation
Answer: A
32.    Which among the following does not belong to Ashtanga yoga?
(A) Asana
(B) Samadhi
(C) Pratyahara
(D) None of the above
Answer: D
33.    Which among the following is known as the ''King of Asanas''?
(A) Suryanamaskara
(B) Shirshasana
(C) Vajrasana
(D) Sarvangasana
Answer: B
34.    The proportion of dravya and drava in the mantha as per Sarngadhara
(A) 1 : 4
(B) 1 : 6
(C) 1 : 10
(D) 1 : 16
Answer: A
35.    Generally the Kriyakarma, 'Tala' is done for a time period of
(A) 30 mts
(B) 45 mts
(C) 1-2 hrs
(D) 2-3 hrs
Answer: C
36.    All among the following food substances are advised to be taken as daily routine except
(A) Saindava
(B) Sarpi
(C) Matsya
(D) Madhu
Answer: C
37.    The disease declared as eradicated by WHO is
(A) small pox
(B) whooping cough
(C) diphtheria
(D) none of the above
Answer: A
38.    Which among the following vaccination is given to the new born baby at the time of birth?
(D) Both (A) and (C)
Answer: D
39.    Which among the following is the laboratory test done for the detection of AIDS?
(A) ELISA test
(B) Western blot
(C) Mantoux test
(D) Both (A) and (B)
Answer: D
40.    Chicken pox is caused by
(A) Varicella virus
(B) Variola virus
(C) Myxo virus
(D) None of the above
Answer: A

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