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Kerala PSC - DTP Operator Solved Paper 019/2017 - Part 2

21.       To align a column of text evenly on both the right and left margins through the column, use:
(A) the Left and Right tab setting
(B) even tab setting
(C) the Justified alignment setting
(D) the Even alignment setting
Answer: C
22.       It is useful for removing an unwanted portion of or a defect in your image in Photoshop:
(A) Magic wand tool
(B) Pattern stamp tool
(C) Dodge tool
(D) Clone stamp tool
Answer: D
23.       Screen printing involves taking images and breaking them down to simple colours, so ………… method is better to create images.
(A) Auto tone
(B) Auto contrast
(C) Half tone
(D) None of these
Answer: C
24.       Each Pixel in digital image is assigned a tonal value (black, white, shades of gray or colour), which is represented in :
(A) Binary code
(C) Character
(D) Number
Answer: A
25.       Distort is a …………. in Photoshop.
(A) Palette
(B) Filter
(C) View
(D) Style
Answer: B
26.       The feature in Corel Draw which gives object a 3D look by creating the illusion of depth is:
(A) dodge
(B) distort
(C) crystallize
(D) extrude
Answer: D
27.       The proprietary technology developed by Microsoft that allows embedding and linking to documents and other objects:
Answer: B
28.       Files in the Corel Draw are saved with extension:
Answer: C
29.       In Corel Draw, the view which displays the drawing in a skeletal form is:
(A) Draft
(B) Enhanced view
(C) Wire frame
(D) Normal
Answer: C
30.    The knife tool of Corel Draw is used to ………… objects.
(A) Join
(B) Slice
(C) Draw
(D) Pick
Answer: B

31.    …………… masks don’t support transparency, so their edges can’t be feathered.
(A) Clipping
(B) Layer
(C) Channel
(D) Vector
Answer: D
32.    How to remove all character formats of the selected text in MS-word?
(A) Ctrl + Spacebar
(B) Shift + Enter
(C) Shift + Spacebar
(D) Ctrl + Enter
Answer: A
33.    …………… key is used to full screen preview option in CorelDraw.
(A) F5
(B) F9
(C) F7
(D) 10
Answer: B
34.    A Photoshop layer converts a vector layer to pixels by:
(A) Distribute
(B) Pixelate
(C) Stylize
(D) Rasterizing
Answer: D
35.    In CorelDraw, which dialog tool can be used to fill an object with pre-defined designs and textures?
(A) Postscript fill
(B) Fountain fill
(C) Pattern fill
(D) Texture fill
Answer: A
36.    JPEG  stands for:
(A) Joint Photographic Experts Group
(B) Joint Picture Exports Group
(C) Joint Picture Export Graphics
(D) Joint Picture Extra Group
Answer: A
37.    What type of printing uses a plastic or rubber carrier?
(A) Screen
(B) Flexography
(C) Gravure
(D) Offset
Answer: B
38.    Which of the following is not a toning tool?
(A) Sponge
(B) Burn
(C) Dodge
(D) Smudge
Answer: C
39.    Corel Draw has a built-in windows based program that lists all the possible synonym of a word:
(A) Templates
(B) Spell Check
(D) Palettes
(D) Thesarus
Answer: D
40.    The artistic media tool in the spray mode lets us fill creates strokes of different kinds of patterns:
(A) Spray
(B) Preset
(C) Brush
(D) None of these
Answer: A

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