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Kerala PSC - DTP Operator Solved Paper 019/2017 - Part 4

61.       Master key of the key board:
(A) ;
(B) L
(C) N
(D) M
Answer: C
62.       When the typewriter is at rest, the following catches the teeth of escapement wheel:
(A) Ribbon carrier
(B) Rigid dog
(C) Pinion Wheel
(D) Loose dog
Answer: D
63.       The capital letter generally used to represent 500:
(A) D
(B) M
(C) XL
(D) LX
Answer: A
64.       Find out the odd one from the following:
(A) f
(B) l
(C) i
(D) k
Answer: D
65.       Which part protects the paper from getting contact with the oily parts behind?
(A) Paper side guide
(B) Paper releaser
(C) Paper table
(D) Paper scale
Answer: C
66.       Space bar is pressed by:
(A) Left thumb
(B) Third right figure
(C) Right thumb
(D) Left little figure
Answer: C
67.       ‘DTP’ computer abbreviation usually means:
(A) Data Top Publishing
(B) Data Text Publishing
(C) Digital Text Publishing
(D) Desk Top Publishing
Answer: D
68.       Silencer is provided in a typewriter to control the movement of the:
(A) Loose dog
(B) Main spring
(C) Tabulator bar
(D) Ribbon indicator
Answer: A
69.       Name the item required for oiling and cleaning of Typewriters.
(A) Coconut oil
(B) Petrol
(C) Palm oil
(D) Rice bran oil
Answer: B
70.    When the space bar is pressed, the carriage moves towards left:
(A) half space
(B) one space
(C) 1 ½ space
(D) two space
Answer: A

71.    The sound heard uniform typing is called:
(A) overlapping           
(B) rhythm
(C) sluggish movement
(D) vibration
Answer: B
72.    Home keys are provided in:
(A) Third row
(B) Fourth row
(C) First row
(D) Second row
Answer: D
73.    Complementary clause in an official letter is:
(A) Dear sir,
(B) Sir
(C) Yours faith fully
(D) Thanking you
Answer: C
74.    Cleaning of a type writer must be done:
(A) daily
(B) weekly
(C) monthly
(D) yearly
Answer: A
75.    We can send the same letter to many different people using:
(A) Navigation
(B) Using identification
(C) Mail Merge
(D) By Windows
Answer: C
76.    By default organization chart window displays size of:
(A) 50%
(B) 25%
(C) 100%
(D) 75%
Answer: C
77.    William Hentry Mill invited  typewriter in the year of:
(A) 1714
(B) 1741           
(C) 1721
(D) 1734
Answer: A
78.    Select the correct form:
(A) Dated, 22nd March, 2014 
(B) Dated, 22nd March 2014
(C) Dated 22nd March, 2014
(D) Dated, 22nd, March, 2014
Answer: C
79.    How many dead keys are provided in Malayalam typewriter?
(A) 1
(B) 3
(C) 9
(D) 5
Answer: A
80.    Which is not related to MS Office?
(A) Writer
(B) Excel
(C) Note pad
(D) Power Point
Answer: A

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