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Kerala PSC - DTP Operator Solved Paper 019/2017 - Part 5

81.       The world’s first salt-tolerante Plant Garden is located at:
(A) Kerala
(B) Tamil Nadu
(C) Maharashtra
(D) Rajasthan
Answer: B
82.       Which among the following countries launched World’s longest Super-Secure Quantum Communication Line?
(A) America
(B) Germany
(C) Japan
(D) China
Answer: D
83.       The Golden Peacock Award 2016 for Corporate Governance was awarded to:
(A) Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)
(B) Bharath Heavy Electronics Limited (BHEL)
(C) Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL)
(D) Hindusthan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
Answer: A
84.       The first ‘Mixed’ Heritage site from India in the list of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO:
(A) Kaziranga National Park
(B) Eravikulam National Park
(C) Khangchendzonga National Park
(D) Salim Ali National Park
Answer: C
85.       Who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in the year 2016?
(A) Alice Munro
(B) Patrick Modiano
(C) Svetlana Alexievich
(D) Bob Dylan
Answer: D
86.       Revolt of 1857 began at Meerut near Delhi on:
(A) 10th May 1857
(B) 10th March 1857
(C) 20th May 1857
(D) 20th March 1857
Answer: A
87.       The Act Which empowered the British Government to arrest and imprison any person without trial?
(A) Act of 1909
(B) Charter Act of 1833
(C) Rowlatt Act
(D) The Act of 1919
Answer: C
88.       Who founded the ‘Servants of India Society’ in 1905?
(A) Bala Gangadhara Tilak
(B) Gopalakrishna Gokhale
(C) M.G Ranade
(D) Lala Lajpat Rai
Answer: B
89.       Who said “Give me blood, in turn I will give you freedom”?
(A) Bhagat Singh
(B) Sukh Dev
(C) Bala Gangadhara Tilak
(D) Subhash Chandra Bose
Answer: D
90.    Which is the most populous city in India as per 2011 census?
(A) Mumbai
(B) Delhi
(C) Kolkata
(D) Kochi
Answer: A

91.    In which year the single self Employment Programme Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY) launched?
(A) 1999
(B) 1982
(C) 2001
(D) 1998
Answer: A
92.    The 12th Five Year Plan growth rate target is:
(A) 7% per annum
(B) 8.2% per annum
(C) 8% per annum
(D) 7.2% per annum
Answer: C
93.    Karewas deposits are famous for the cultivation of:
(A) Tulips
(B) Saffron
(C) Dalia
(D) Lilly
Answer: B
94.    Sharavathi River is originated from ………………District.
(A) Coorg
(B) Chickmangalore
(C) Chitradurga
(D) Shimoga
Answer: D
95.    Western Coastal Plain of India is an example of:
(A) Emerged Coast
(B) Submerged Coast
(C) Ria Coast
(D) Firod Coast
Answer: B
96.    Which one of the National Water ways is in Kerala?
(A) NW-1
(B) NW-2
(C) NW-3
(D) NW-4
Answer: C
97.    World’s richest monosite deposits occur in the district of:
(A) Palakkadu
(B) Malappuram
(C) Alappuzha
(D) Thiuvananthapuram
Answer: A
98.    The founder of Samatva Samajam:
(A) Kumaraguru
(B) Ayyankali
(C) Vaghbhadanandan
(D) Vaikunda Swamikal
Answer: D
99.    Which among the following book was written by Chattambi Swamikal?
(A) Atmopadesa Satakam
(B) Darsanamala
(C) Vedadhikara Nirupanam
(D) Atmanutapam
Answer: C
100.    Who started Swadeshabhimani Newspaper?
(A) Vakkam Abdul Khadhar Maulavi
(B) Kesari Ramakrishna Pillai
(C) C.Kesavan
(D) T.K Madhavan Nair
Answer: A

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