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HSST Computer Science Solved Paper (SR For SC/ST) 86/2016/OL - Part 3

41.       Dijkstra's banking algorithm in an operating system, solves the problem of
(A) Deadlock recovery
(B) Mutual exclusion
(C) Deadlock avoidance
(D) None of these
Answer: C
42.       Interval between the time of submission and completion of the job is called
(A) Waiting time
(B) Response time
(C) Throughput
(D) Turnaround time
Answer: D
43.       The example of non-preemptive scheduling is
(A) First-Come-First-Served
(B) Round Robin
(C) Last-In-First-Out
(D) Shortest-Job-First
Answer: A
44.       ................. is a process-to-process protocol that adds only port addresses, checksum, error control and length information to the data from the upper layer.
(C) IP
(D) None of the above
Answer: B
45.       The RSA algorithm uses a ................ cryptography method.
(A) Public Key
(B) Private Key
(C) Symmetric Key
(D) All the above
Answer: A
46.       The .............. attack is related to confidentiality.
(A) Fabrication
(B) Interception
(C) Modification
(D) Interruption
Answer: B
47.       The cryptography method in which the plaintext BBBB becomes the cipher text BCDE. This is probably
(A) Transposition cipher
(B) Monoalphabetic substitution cipher
(C) Polyalphabetic substation cipher
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
48.       The following service is not provided by digital signature
(A) Integrity
(B) Authentication
(C) Nonrepudiation
(D) Confidentiality
Answer: D
49.       ............... is a technique of temporarily removing inactive programs from the memory of computer system.
(A) Swapping
(B) Spooling
(C) Semaphore
(D) Scheduling
Answer: A
50.    Fence register is used for
(A) CPU protection
(B) Memory protection
(C) File protection
(D) Processor protection
Answer: B

51.    The ................. clause is used to list the attributes desired in the result of a query.
(A) where
(B) from
(C) select
(D) having
Answer: C
52.    We express queries in QBE by
(A) Datalog
(B) Skeleton tables
(C) Entity sets
Answer: B
53.    .............. is a set of permitted values for each attribute.
(A) Domain
(B) Entity
(C) Constraints
(D) Relationship
Answer: A
54.    Minimal super keys are called
(A) Primary key
(B) Foreign key
(C) Candidate key
(D) Unique
Answer: C
55.    A relation is in ................, every non-key attribute is irreducibly dependent on the primary key.
(A) 1NF
(B) 2NF
(C) 3NF
(D) 4NF
Answer: B
56.    A statement that the system executes automatically when a database related event occurs.
(A) View
(B) Alter
(C) Assertion
(D) Trigger
Answer: D
57.    An index record appears for every Search key value in the file
(A) Dense index
(B) Sparse index
(C) Hash index
(D) Single-key index
Answer: A
58.    In hashing, we use the term to denote a unit of storage that can store one or more records.
(A) Field
(B) Hash function
(C) Index
(D) Bucket
Answer: D
59.    The number of transactions executed in a given amount of time is called
(A) Response time
(B) Waiting time
(C) Throughput
(D) Performance
Answer: C
60.    ................ is a predicate expressing a condition that we wish the database always to satisfy.
(A) Authorization
(B) Deadlock
(D) Assertion
Answer: D

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