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Vocational Teacher Printing Technology (Cat. Code: 072/2014) - Part 2

21.       A set of colour printed proofs which comprises one print of each colour, and a print of the combination of subsequent colours as they are printed in sequence
(A) digital proof
(B) blue proof
(C) progressive proof
(D) soft proof
Answer: C
22.       An instrument which measures the length and tack of an ink
(A) viscometer
(B) inkometer
(C) densitometer
(D) durometer
Answer: B
23.       The type of blanket used for printing on high speed machine and substrates like board and coated stock
(A) medium blanket
(B) hard blanket
(C) soft blanket
(D) all the above
Answer: B
24.       Which of the following comes under functional printing?
(A) Hologram
(B) News paper
(C) QR coding
(D) Flex banner
Answer: C
25.       Which of the following comes under security printing?
(A) hologram
(B) RFID tags
(C) dutone printing
(D) metal printing
Answer: A
26.       Printing one side of the sheet, then turning the sheet over, retaining the same front and side-lay edges of the sheet and the same printing plate can be done by
(A) Work and tumble
(B) Work and twist
(C) Work and turn
(D) Full sheet work
Answer: C
27.       Which of the following is not the cause of image dot gain during plate making process?
(A) over exposure
(B) incomplete plate development
(C) poor vacuum frame contact
(D) changing the position of the lamp during exposure
Answer: B
28.       Which of the following is not a quality control aid?
(A) star target
(B) dot gain scale
(C) FOGRA strip
(D) gripper mark
Answer: D
29.       To facilitate the order of each signature into its correct sequence within the book which of the following is used?
(A) Gathering
(B) Collating
(C) Imposition
(D) Sequencing
Answer: B
30.    A solution applied to offset plate and dried to produce a hydrophilic film on the non-image area to prevent image area from spreading
(A) fountain solution
(B) water
(C) gum arabic
(D) addhesiver
Answer: C

31.    Control of the reel obtained on the web offset machine by a retarding force is given by
(A) brake
(B) dancer roller
(C) festoon
(D) turner bars
Answer: A
32.    CTP thermal plates are exposed by which of the following source?
(A) Mercury light
(B) Argon Ion
(C) YAG laser
(D) Visible diode
Answer: C
33.    Which of the following type of original cannot be scanned by a drum scanner?
(A) Transparency
(B) Flexible original
(C) Rigid original
(D) Matt finished photograph
Answer: C
34.    Which of the following cannot be included in PDF file format?
(A) special keyword for search and index
(B) interactive links
(C) video clips
(D) none of the above
Answer: D
35.    A device or computer program that receives a description of the content of a page and converts to information that can output on paper/film/plates
(A) digital printer
(C) scanner
(D) any programming language
Answer: B
36.    Which of the following process comes under non-impact printing technology?
(A) digital press
(B) flexography
(C) screen printing
(D) gravare process
Answer: A
37.    The most appropriate software used as a layout programme is
(A) Photoshop
(C) Indesign
(D) Flash
Answer: C
38.    The visible light spectrum ranges from
(A) 1000 – 1400 nm
(B) 100 – 400 nm
(C) 700 – 1000 nm
(D) 400 – 700 nm
Answer: D
39.    An ink specifically formulated to produce a desired hue and not designed to be mixed by superimposing
(A) process colour
(B) halftone
(C) flat colour
(D) key colour
Answer: C
40.    The lightest area in a reproduction is
(A) midtone
(B) highlight
(C) shadow
(D) hue
Answer: B

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