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Vocational Teacher Printing Technology (Cat. Code: 072/2014) - Part 3

41.       Variable data printing can be achieved by
(A) letter press
(B) screen
(C) gravure
(D) digital printing
Answer: D
42.       For cutting harder paper stock in a guillotine machine which of the following is the preferred knife angle?
(A) 16°
(B) 22°
(C) 10°
(D) 30°
Answer: B
43.       When a sheet of paper is passed through two folder arranged at right angle and folding the sheet equally the resulting fold will be described as
(A) 4-page parallel
(B) 4-page right angle
(C) 8-page parallel
(D) 8-page right angle
Answer: D
44.       When the adhesive flow into the structure of the adherent or around the surface irregularities for adhesion it is called
(A) physical adhesion
(B) specific adhesion
(C) bonding
(D) chemical adhesion
Answer: A
45.       A mask of solid area to protect portion of a previously exposed plate is
(A) print down mask
(B) print out mask
(C) layout mask
(D) plate covering
Answer: C
46.       To increase the water retaining properties of the non-image area of the lithographic plate. Which of the following solution can be added?
(A) Gum arabic
(B) Developer
(C) Desensitiser
(D) ISO propyl alcohol
Answer: C
47.       Sheets having solid and of printed labels from front to back are vulnerable to
(A) trapping
(B) ink blocking
(C) wattling
(D) permanent curl
Answer: C
48.       If a light ray striking a substrate are reflected primarily as parallel rays-mirror like action is known as
(A) specular reflection
(B) transmission
(C) reflection
(D) diffraction
Answer: A
49.       The perpendicular distance between two surfaces of a paper is
(B) Caliper
(C) Basis weight
(D) Basis grammage
Answer: B
50.    The surface tension of water can be reduced by
(A) adding fountain solution
(B) increasing the temperature
(C) adding additives
(D) increasing the water pressure
Answer: A

51.    When pigment has the property of absorbing radiant energy of a given wavelength and then emitting this energy at a different wavelength is
(A) Reflection
(B) Gloss
(C) Metamerism
(D) Fluorescence
Answer: D
52.    The subtractive transparent primary colour that transmit red and green but absorb blue light is
(A) Cyan
(B) Magenta
(C) Yellow
(D) Black
Answer: C
53.    A computer driven algorithm that disperses halftone dot information in semi-random form
(A) analog screening
(B) stochastic screening
(C) elliptical screen
(D) square dot screen
Answer: B
54.    To overcome the printing problem speckle (improper transfer of ink on rough paper) Gravure presses is employed with
(A) electrostatically assisted ink
(B) static electricity eliminator
(C) paper calendering
(D) inline paper calender
Answer: A
55.    A cylinder making technique in gravure press employed for printing of short run jobs
(A) Electronic engraving
(B) Laser engraving
(C) Computer to cylinder
(D) Ballard process
Answer: D
56.    The small groove present between the cylinder body and bearer in the offset machine is termed as
(A) Cylinder gap
(B) Gutter
(C) Cylinder body
(D) Gear
Answer: B
57.    Which of the following paper is the strongest?
(A) newsprint
(B) corrugated medium
(C) bleached paper
(D) kraft paper
Answer: D
58.    Material having random molecular arrangements is termed as
(A) thermoset
(B) amorphous
(C) crystalline
(D) polymers
Answer: B
59.    Software that stores lines and shapes rather than individual pixels is known as
(A) raster graphics software
(B) bitmap graphic software
(C) vector graphic software
(D) ripped image
Answer: C
60.    Many bitmapped images in a sequence is known as
(A) JPEG animation
(B) tweening
(C) TIF animation
(D) GIF animation
Answer: D

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