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Assistant Professor (Information Technology) Solved Paper 140/2016 - Part 2

21.       If 1, 2, 3 are the eigen values of a matrix A, then the eigen values of [A - 4l]2 are:
(A) -7, -12, -15
(B) 10, 4, 1
(C) 9, 4, 1
(D) 4, 4, 2
Answer: C
22.       The value of the integral
(A) ln5/4
(B) ln2/4
(C) ln2/2
(D) 1/4
Answer: B
23.       The homogeneous linear differential equation if its solutions are e2x, xe2x, x2e2x is:
ym + Ayn + By’- 8y = 0 where A and B are
(A) 6, -12
(B) - 6, 12
(C) 6, 12
(D) 2, 2
Answer: B
24.       The following is not a simple pole of the function cot πz/(z—0.75)2:
(A) 0.75
(B) 0
(C) -1
(D) 20
Answer: A
25.       The coefficient an in the Fourier cosine series expansion of the function f(x) = (x-1)2 in the interval 0<x<1 is:
(A) -4/n2π2
(B) -2/n2π2
(C) 2/n2π2
(D) 4/n2π2
Answer: D
26.       Centre of gravity of a right circular cone of base radius r and height h from the base is:
(A) ¾ h
(B) ¼ h
(C) 3/8 h
(D) 1/8 h
Answer: B
27.       What is the maximum weight that can be lowered by a person who can exert a 500 N pull on a rope if the rope is wrapped 2 ½ turns around a horizontal spur? Coefficient of friction between spur and rope is 0.3:
(A) 4.5N
(B) 45 N
(C) 556.59 N
(D) 55659 N
Answer: D
28.       What is the length of a Surveyors chain?
(A) 33 ft
(B) 66 ft
(C) 33 m
(D) 66 m
Answer: B
29.       R.L of a factory floor is 100.00. Staff reading on the floor is 5.62 ft, and the staff reading when the staff is held inverted with bottom touching the tie beam of the roof truss is 10.16 ft. What is the height of the tie beam above the floor?
(A) 15.78 ft
(B) 115.78 ft
(C) 4.54 ft
(D) 104.54 ft
Answer: A
30.    The horizontal distance between the vertical joints in successive courses in brick work is called:
(A) Perpends
(B) Lap
(C) Arries
(D) Closer
Answer: B

31.    Knocking in a spark ignition engine Is promoted by:
(A) a short flame travel length
(B) normally at the beginning of the combustion process
(C) increased clearance volume of cylinder
(D) reduced turbulence of the fuel-air mixture during combustion
Answer: D
32.    Centrifugal pumps operating in series will result in:
(A) Higher discharge
(B) Reduced power consumption
(C) Higher head
(D) Low speed operation
Answer: C
33.    A good refrigerant should have:
(A) High COP and high freezing point
(B) High operating pressures and low freezing point
(C) High latent heat of vaporization and low freezing point
(D) High specific volume and high latent heat of vaporization
Answer: C
34.    In sheet metal blanking, shear is provided on punches and dies so that:
(A) press load is reduced
(B) good cut edge is obtained
(C) warping of sheet is minimised
(D) cut blanks are straight
Answer: A
35.    A curve generated by a fixed point on the circumference of a circle which rolls without slipping on the outer side of a fixed circle is known as:
(A) Hypocycloid
(B) Epicycloid
(C) Involute
(D) Cycloid
Answer: B
36.    Direction of dynamically induced EMF can be found by:
(A) Maxwell’s cork screw rule
(B) Flemings Right Hand rule
(C) Flemings Left Hand rule
(D) Coulomb’s law
Answer: B
37.    Form factor of sinusoid ally varying alternating current is:
(A) 1.414
(B) 1.11
(C) 1.21
(D) 2.11
Answer: B
38.    In a Delta connected three phase supply system phase current is given by:
(A) √3 times line current
(B) line current
(C) 1/√2 times line current
(D) 1/√3 times line current
Answer: D
39.    Earth wire is usually connected to ........... part of the electric heater.
(A) Metallic body
(B) Phase point
(C) Neutral point
(D) Heating coil
Answer: A
40.    Which of the following DC Motor gives highest No-load speed?
(A) Shunt motor
(B) Cumulatively compound motor
(C) Series motor
(D) Differentially compound motor
Answer: C

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