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Assistant Professor (Computer Science and Engineering) Solved Paper 123/2016 - Part 5

81.       Which of the following is not a group?
(A) The integers under addition
(B) The non-zero integers under multiplication
(C) The non-zero real numbers under multiplication
(D) The complex numbers under addition
Answer: B
82.       The binary relation R={(0, 0)(1, 1)} on A={0, 1, 2, 3} is
(A) Reflexive, Not Symmetric, Transitive
(B) Not Reflexive, Symmetric, Transitive
(C) Reflexive, Symmetric, Not Transitive
(D) Reflexive, Not Symmetric, Not Transitive
Answer: B
83.       Let R = {(a, a), (a, b), (b, b), (a, c), (c, c)} be a partial order relation on ∑ = {a, b, c}. Let ‘<=’ be the corresponding lexicographic order on ∑*. Which of the following is true?
(A) bc<=ba
(B) abbacc=abb
(C) abbac <= abbab
(D) abbaaacc <= abbaab
Answer: D
84.       What is the language of the grammar with the following production rules?
S→ASb | c
(A) {ancbn|nϵN}
(B) {xcb|xϵ{a}*}
(C) {acy|yϵ{b}*}
(D) All of the answers above are incorrect
Answer: A
85.       Which of the following is not decidable?
(A) Given a turing machine M, a string S and an Integer k, M accepts S within k steps
(B) Equivalence of two given turing machines
(C) Language accepted by a given finite state machine is not empty
(D) Language generated by a context free grammar is not empty
Answer: B
86.       Choose the correct statement.
(A) The recursively enumerable sets are closed under complementation
(B) Deterministic context free languages are closed under intersection
(C) Context sensitive languages are closed under homomorphism
(D) A is recursive if both A and its complement are accepted by turing machines
Answer: D
87.       Which of the following statements is the most correct answer?
(A) A language is ambiguous If every sentence has two or more parse trees
(B) A context-free grammar is ambiguous it the right-hand side of one of its production rules starts with the non-terminal that appears on the left-hand side
(C) A language is unambiguous if every sentence has a unique left-most derivation
(D) All three statements above are valid
Answer: C
88.       What is a sentential form?
(A) One line of a derivation
(B) An arbitrary string of grammar symbols
(C) The content of the LL(1) parse stack
(D) The string of symbols between the current point in the parse and the root of the parse tree
Answer: A
89.       Which of the following is not used for synchronization?
(A) The Banker’s algorithm
(B) The Bakery algorithm
(C) Busy waiting with test and set
(D) Monitors
Answer: A
90.    The problem of Internal fragmentation can be lessened in systems employing a fixed partition memory management scheme by using
(A) Random size partitions
(B) Equal size partitions
(C) Unequal size partitions
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
91.    The purpose of a TLB is
(A) To cache page translation information
(B) To cache frequently used data
(C) To hold register values while a process is waiting to run
(D) To hold page table start and end
Answer: A
92.    Which of the following is not a web server?
(A) Internet Information Server
(B) NetBeans
(C) Apache
(D) None of the above
Answer: B
93.    Supply chain management refers to the coordination of all supply activities of an organisation from its suppliers and delivery of products to its customers. E-commerce transactions between a company and Its stakeholders, be their consumers or businesses are often referred to as
(A) C2C, C2B
(B) B2B, C2B
(C) B2C, B2B
(D) B2C, C2C
Answer: C
94.    Which of the following is not used for Inter process communication?
(A) Message queue
(B) Semaphore
(C) Pipes
(D) None of the above
Answer: X
95.    A distributed file system exhibits location transparency if
(A) The name of a file indicates exactly where the file can be found
(B) The name of a file does not indicate where the file can be found
(C) The name of a file does not need to be changed when the location of the file changes
(D) The name of a file is not adequate for finding the file
Answer: B
96.    The input and output ports of a router perform the .................. layer functions of the router.
(A) Physical and data link layer
(B) Network
(C) Transport
(D) None of the above
Answer: A
97.    In distance vector routing, each node periodically shares its routing table with .............. whenever there is a change.
(A) Every other node
(B) One neighbour
(C) Its immediate neighbours
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
98.    Which of the following is not an ICMP command?
(A) Ping
(B) Traceroute
(C) Ifconfig
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
99.    Which of the following is an application layer protocol?
(B) Ethernet
(C) Bluetooth
Answer: D
100.    The ..................... cipher reorders the plain text characters to create a cipher text.
(A) Substitution
(B) Transposition
(C) Either (A) or (B)
(D) Neither (A) nor B)
Answer: B

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