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Pharmacist Grade 2 Ayurveda 7/2017/OL - Part 3

41.       Sunti,jeeraka,Gajapippali posses property?
(A) Grahi
(B) Deepana and Pachana
(C) Both A and B
(D) None
Answer: C
42.       If grahyamsa (useful part) not specified in a formulation then?
(A) Whole plant is taken
(B) Root is taken
(C) Stem used
(D) Leaf used
Answer: B
43.       Useful part of Sankupushpi?
(A) Whole plant
(B) Root
(C) Stem
(D) Fruit
Answer: A
44.       Typhoid fever is spread by?
(A) Aedes aegypti
(B) Faecal oral route
(C) Variola
(D) Sandfly
Answer: B
45.       Guduchi Satwa is?
(A) Starch
(B) Protein
(C) Plant steroid
(D) Fat
Answer: A
46.       Agnisamipastha vata?
(A) Prana
(B) Vyana
(C) Samana
(D) Udana
Answer: C
47.       All dhatus are nourished simultaneously in?
(A) Ekakaladhatu poshana sidhanta
(B) Khalekapotanyaya
(C) Kedarakulyanyaya
(D) None
Answer: A
48.       Ingredients of Vasaavaleha?
(A) Vasa,Sita,Pippali, Gritha,Madhu
(B) Vasa,Sita,Maricha, Gritha,Madhu
(C) Vasa,Sita,Sunti,Gritha,Madhu
(D) Vasa,Sita,Maricha,Madhu
Answer: A
49.       National Pharmacovigilance Resource Centre for Ayurveda by department of Ayush is situated in?
(A) Delhi
(B) Jamnagar
(C) Lucknow
(D) Bangalore
Answer: B
50.    Ability of drugs to induce malformations in foetus?
(A) Auto toxicity
(B) Teratogenicity
(C) Intolerence
(D) Hypersensitivity
Answer: B
51.    Natamandanaka is the synonym of?
(A) Manashila
(B) Gomeda
(C) Navasadara
(D) Haratala
Answer: D
52.    Drug used for Dhanurvata is?
(A) Agnijara
(B) Mrdarasringa
(C) Girisindura
(D) Gairika
Answer: A
53.    Vasopressin which elevates blood pressure is from?
(A) Adrenal cortex
(B) Posterior pituitary
(C) Parathyroid
(D) Pancreas
Answer: B
54.    Ingredient absent in Phalavarti?
(A) Madana
(B) Vidanga
(C) Kushta
(D) Kshara
Answer: B
55.    Branch of medical science which deals with doses?
(A) Mycology
(B) Pathology
(C) Posology
(D) Physiology
Answer: C
56.    Study of what the body does to the drug?
(A) Pharmacy
(B) Pharmacognosy
(C) Pharmacokinetics
(D) Pharmacodynamics
Answer: C
57.    Bhavana dravya of Tribhuvana kirtirasa?
(A) Tulasi swarasa
(B) Ardraka swarasa
(C) Dhattura swarasa
(D) All the above
Answer: D
58.    Seed powder used for parkinsonism which contains L-dopa?
(A) Embelia ribes
(B) Mucuna pruriens
(C) Thevesia peruviana
(D) Raulfia serpentina
Answer: B
59.    State drug licensing Authorities issue license for manufacture of Ayurveda Unani, Sidha drugs in?
(A) form 25D
(B) Form 26
(C) form 28D
(D) Form 27 D
Answer: A
60.    Indication of Hinguleswara rasa?
(A) Amlapitta
(B) Chardi
(C) Garbhinirogas
(D) Vata jwara
Answer: D

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