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Junior Instructor Mechanic Motor Vehicle Solved Paper 40/2017/OL - Part 3

41.       The device fitted on diesel engine to develop vacuum to assist the pneumatic governor of FIP
(A) Compressor
(B) Inter cooler
(C) Exhauster
(D) Super charger
Answer: C
42.       Number of pole fingers in an alternator rotor
(A) 8
(B) 12
(C) 14
(D) 16
Answer: B
43.       Which of the following is a solid lubricant?
(A) Graphite
(B) lead
(C) Tin
(D) Aluminium
Answer: A
44.       The clearance between the oil pump gear teethes are measured with
(A) Dial gauge
(B) Vernier caliper
(C) Inside micro meter
(D) Feeler guage
Answer: D
45.       Which one of the following is not affected the fuel economy of an engine?
(A) Clogged air filter
(B) Clogged fuel filter
(C) Leaky engine valves
(D) Worn out piston rings
Answer: B
46.       Find the probable cause of wheel tramp
(A) High speed
(B) Under inflation
(C) Incorrect toe-in
(D) Dynamic unbalance
Answer: D
47.       A vehicle with torsion bar suspension required ................. to take the driving and braking thrust.
(A) Stabilizer bar
(B) Pan hard rod
(C) Radius rod
(D) Torque tube
Answer: C
48.       Which of the under mentioned fault can be change the steering axis inclination?
(A) Bent wheel spindle
(B) Worn out knuckle bearings
(C) Bent track rod
(D) Tight wheel bearing
Answer: A
49.       The effect of side wind over the frame side member is its
(A) Lateral bending
(B) Horizontal bending
(C) Vertical bending
(D) All of these
Answer: A
50.    Belleville springs are generally known as
(A) Torsion springs
(B) Coil springs
(C) Helical springs
(D) Diaphragm springs
Answer: D
51.    Which of the following gear boxes have lesser mechanical efficiency?
(A) Synchromesh
(B) Constant mesh
(C) Sliding mesh
(D) All of these
Answer: C
52.    Alloy steels are generally quenched in
(A) Water
(B) Oil
(C) Brine
(D) Ice
Answer: B
53.    The fastener used to transmitting torque from a rotating shaft to a hub or vize versa
(A) Circlip
(B) Locking ring
(C) Tab washer
(D) Key
Answer: D
54.    Adjustment of FIP in which ensure equal time interval of fuel delivery to all engine cylinders
(A) Leak off
(B) Calibration
(C) Phasing
(D) Chattering
Answer: C
55.    The process of continues releasing and applying of brake in an ABS is called
(A) Pressure modulation
(B) Pulse modulation
(C) Speed modulation
(D) None of these
Answer: A
56.    Maximum boost pressure of a turbocharger is controlled by a
(A) EGR valve
(B) Waste gate
(C) Blow-off valve
(D) Pressure release valve
Answer: B
57.    Annulus in an epicycle gear box is usually known as
(A) Ring gear
(B) Carrier
(C) Planet
(D) Sun gear
Answer: A
58.    The length variation between leaf spring eyes by the oscillation of leaves are accommodate with the help of
(A) Centre bolt
(B) Shackle
(C) 'U' Clamp
(D) Bracket
Answer: B
59.    Which among the following is a disadvantages of hypoid gear using in final drive?
(A) Low chassis height
(B) Smaller pitch overlap
(C) Rough running
(D) Less ground clearance
Answer: D
60.    The steering sensor in an electronic power steering system consist of
(A) Torque and pressure sensor
(B) Torque and speed sensor
(C) Torque and rotation sensor
(D) Speed and rotation sensor
Answer: C

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