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Junior Instructor Mechanic Motor Vehicle Solved Paper 40/2017/OL - Part 4

61.       The percentage ratio between difference of vehicle speed and wheel speed to the vehicle speed is
(A) Velocity ratio
(B) Speed ratio
(C) Slip ratio
(D) Aspect ratio
Answer: C
62.       In a disc brake caliper, the component act as a return spring to retract the piston
(A) Bleed screw
(B) Rubber sealing ring
(C) Disc
(D) Friction pads
Answer: B
63.       Identify the horn relay with its marking
Answer: D
64.       Location of an expansion valve in an automotive air conditioning is at
(A) Inlet side of evaporator
(B) Outlet side of evaporator
(C) Inside the evaporator
(D) Inlet side of condenser
Answer: A
65.       The socket in which provided with a universal joint
(A) Deep
(B) Flex
(C) Standard
(D) None of these
Answer: B
66.       The catalyst used for first stage conversion in a three - way convertor
(A) Vanadium
(B) Cerium
(C) Platinum
(D) Rhodium
Answer: D
67.       Combustion knock in a CI engine is generally known as
(A) Diesel knock
(B) Diesel lock
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) Detonation
Answer: A
68.       Which of the following are provided to the crank shaft to the balancing of main journals?
(A) Crank arm
(B) Harmonic balancer
(C) Crank weight
(D) Crank pulley
Answer: C
69.       Permissible range of particulate matters in the exhaust gas of a petrol engine as per Euro 4 emission standard is
(A) 0.14 gm/Km
(B) 0.08 gm/Km
(C) 0.05 gm/Km
(D) None of these
Answer: D
70.    Oil additives which handle high temperature deposit such as gums and varnishes
(A) Dispersant
(B) Detergent
(C) Anti-scuff additives
(D) Anti foaming additives
Answer: B
71.    In an alternator, the carbon brushes ride on the
(A) Commutator
(B) Rotor shaft
(C) Slip ring
(D) Field windings
Answer: C
72.    Choose correct drive transmission from engine to gear box
(A) Fly wheel - cover - drive plate - driven plate
(B) Fly wheel - cover - driven plate - drive plate
(C) Fly wheel - driven plate - drive plate - cover
(D) Fly wheel - drive plate - driven plate - cover
Answer: A
73.    As related to the automatic transmission, the friction loss in the manual transmission is
(A) Less
(B) Same
(C) More
(D) Much more
Answer: A
74.    Separate carrier type rear axle casing is generally known as
(A) Split type
(B) Salisbury type
(C) Banjo type
(D) Integral carrier type
Answer: C
75.    Which among the following springs have the greater energy storing capacity?
(A) Coil spring
(B) Torsion spring
(C) Leaf spring
(D) Rubber spring
Answer: D
76.    The shock absorber dissolve can be reduced by pressurizing the fluid with ............... gas.
(A) Hydrogen
(B) Nitrogen
(C) Oxygen
(D) Carbon dioxide
Answer: B
77.    In the code 145 SR-13 of a radial tire, 13 denominate
(A) Tire width
(B) Aspect ratio
(C) Inner diameter of tire
(D) Load carrying capacity
Answer: C
78.    Which light provide a better night time visibility?
(A) Halogen
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) Xenon
Answer: D
79.    The magnitude of slip angle is small at
(A) Low speed
(B) Medium speed
(C) High speed
(D) Very high speed
Answer: A
80.    In SI engine, which one of the following combustion chamber have centrally located spark plug?
(A) Flat head
(B) Hemispherical
(C) Wedge type
(D) Inverted bath tub
Answer: B

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