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Part Time Tailoring Instructor Solved Paper 49/2017/OL - Part 5

81.       When an amount of a piece of fabric is added in to an area of a garment to enlarged it.
(A) Flare
(B) Frinch
(C) Interlining
(D) Gusset
Answer: D
82.       One metre is
(A) 36”
(B) 38.2”
(C) 39.3”
(D) 39”
Answer: C
83.       Which colour is used in carpet?
(A) Basic colour
(B) Sulphur colour
(C) Acid colour
(D) Direct colour
Answer: D
84.       Choose the odd one
(A) Blue
(B) Green
(C) Orange
(D) Violet
Answer: A
85.       This is an opening for kurtha.
(A) Bound opening
(B) Shirt opening
(C) Continuous opening
(D) Tailored opening
Answer: D
86.       This stitch is used for straight darn
(A) Fish bone stitch
(B) Satin stitch
(C) Hem stitich
(D) Herring bone stitich
Answer: A
87.       Individual balance is
(A) Stooping figure
(B) Normal figure
(C) Knock knee figure
(D) None of above
Answer: C
88.       This is a part of base
(A) Needle plate
(B) Face plate
(C) Thump nut
(D) Stitch regulator
Answer: A
89.       This is an industrial pattern.
(A) Tested pattern
(B) Graded pattern
(C) Individual pattern
(D) Block pattern
Answer: B
90.    According to eight head theory, chest measurement is ................ % of height.
(A) 50%
(B) 52%
(C) 55%
(D) 51%
Answer: C
91.    .................. are the guide points for joining the different parts of the garments in a perfect manner.
(A) Notches
(B) Slit
(C) Tongue
(D) Margin
Answer: A
92.    ............... is an another name of English embroidery.
(A) Indian embroidery
(B) White embroidery
(C) Shaded embroidery
(D) Thamboor embroidery
Answer: B
93.    .................... needle is commonly used for free motion sewing in monograming.
(A) Tripple needle
(B) Machine needle
(C) Spring needle
(D) Trin needle
Answer: C
94.    The other name of hem stitch
(A) Rolled
(B) Slip
(C) Blind
(D) Double
Answer: A
95.    This shears are useful for finishing the edges of the seams and other raw edges of fabric.
(A) Scalloping shears
(B) Shears
(C) Scissors
(D) Pinking shears
Answer: D
96.    Ball point needle is used for
(A) Crochet work
(B) Honey combing
(C) Knitting fabric
(D) Smocking stitch
Answer: C
97.    First introduced in cut work
(A) France
(B) Italy
(C) India
(D) Japan
Answer: B
98.    Width of sleeve lining is
(A) 92 cm
(B) 90 cm
(C) 122 cm
(D) 127 cm
Answer: A
99.    It is the quality of lightness or darkness in a colour.
(A) Hue
(B) Shade
(C) Emphasis
(D) Value
Answer: D
100.    The lower surface of the sewing machine is
(A) Face
(B) Bed
(C) Treadle
(D) Lich
Answer: B

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Part Time Tailoring Instructor Solved Paper 49/2017/OL - Part 4

61.       This type of fabrics are woven with a third set of threads that forms looped or tuffed the surface of the fabric.
(A) Brushed fabrics
(B) One side fabrics
(C) One way fabrics
(D) Pile fabrics
Answer: D
62.       Which of this is not a part of a sewing machine?
(A) Takeup lever
(B) Stitch opener
(C) Stitch regulator
(D) Third guide
Answer: B
63.       ............... are generally a functional part of a garment.
(A) Interlining
(B) Facing
(C) Lining
(D) Inter lacing
Answer: C
64.       This type of collar is non convertable
(A) Shirt collar
(B) Cape collar
(C) Peterpan collar
(D) Square collar
Answer: C
65.       It is a very effective trim for children's garments.
(A) Smocking
(B) Applique
(C) Faggotting
(D) Honey comb
Answer: B
66.       The sewing machine was first introduced in ................ country.
(A) England
(C) France
(D) Japan
Answer: D
67.       What toll do you need if you make a mistake in sewing and want to correct it.
(A) Needle
(B) Seam ripper
(C) Seam step
(D) Stitch overlay
Answer: B
68.       What part of a sewing machine holes to fabric in place?
(A) Presser foot
(B) Take up lever
(C) Feedog
(D) Bobbin winder
Answer: A
69.       The true bias piece is cut on ............... angle.
(A) 60°
(B) 90°
(C) 45°
(D) 75°
Answer: C
70.    In sewing terms what are darts?
(A) Marks distinguish the hem line
(B) Folded and stitched wedges of fabrics that shape a garment over curves
(C) It is overlap and underlap
(D) Hand sewn stitches made to not be seen on a garment
Answer: B
71.    A diagram showing how the pattern pieces should be placed on the fabric is called
(A) Pattern making
(B) Stepped lay
(C) One side fabrics
(D) Lay out
Answer: D
72.    How would you test a scrap of fabrics to see it, it was silk?
(A) Try to set it on fair
(B) Rub it on a piece of sanpaper
(C) Stretch it
(D) Wash it
Answer: A
73.    It is the body of needle
(A) Eye
(B) Blade
(C) Point
(D) Shank
Answer: B
74.    ............... is the relationship between one part of measure with the other part measure in human body.
(A) Disproportion
(B) Deformity
(C) Proportion
(D) Anatomy
Answer: C
75.    These are useful for clipping the small threads.
(A) Die cutter
(B) Thread clipper
(C) Drills
(D) Edge guides
Answer: B
76.    A baby frock for 5 year old girl chest round will be
(A) 24”
(B) 30”
(C) 26”
(D) 28”
Answer: A
77.    This is the pressing operation performed on garment while they are being maid up
(A) Finishing process
(B) Under pressing
(C) Top pressing
(D) Elements of pressing
Answer: B
78.    This foot works together with the differential feed mechanism and used to make folds on under side of the garment.
(A) Piping foot
(B) Presser foot
(C) Gauging foot
(D) Cording foot
Answer: C
79.    This is a decorative seam and it is after used down the centre front or centre back of skirts.
(A) Welt seam
(B) Slot seam
(C) French seam
(D) Double top stitched seam
Answer: B
80.    This is the proportions of human body parts with each other.
(A) Eight head theory
(B) Human anatomy
(C) Disproportion
(D) Back width
Answer: A

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Friday, 28 July 2017

Part Time Tailoring Instructor Solved Paper 49/2017/OL - Part 3

41.       The method of tracing designs in woolen and velvet is
(A) Ironing method
(B) Carbon method
(C) Tensling method
(D) Pounciling method
Answer: D
42.       The button hole can be created by using three threads.
(A) Cord bound button hole
(B) Bound button hole
(C) Faced button hole
(D) Mended button hole
Answer: D
43.       The method of pressing artificial silk is
(A) Wet method
(B) Under pressing
(C) Dry method
(D) Top pressing
Answer: C
44.       The back neck of a coat is
(A) Tick
(B) Fork
(C) Face
(D) Lay
Answer: A
45.       Mixing in terilin, viscose and cotton to make a fabric is called
(A) Terin
(B) Decron
(C) Tery cotton
(D) Terilex
Answer: D
46.       This is the easiest kind of pocket
(A) Inserted pocket
(B) Flap pocket
(C) Patch pocket
(D) Cargo pocket
Answer: C
47.       ................. is an excellent material for embroidery.
(A) Woolen
(B) Linen
(C) Rayon
(D) Nylone
Answer: B
48.       .................. is simply techniques of applying one fabric to another.
(A) Applique work
(B) Screen printing
(C) Shadow work
(D) Fabric painting
Answer: A
49.       This stitch is a variation of chain stitch.
(A) Queen
(B) Broken
(C) Feather
(D) Stem
Answer: B
50.    This is an artificial silk
(A) Polyester
(B) Rayon
(C) Georget
(D) Shifon
Answer: C
51.    This is the most useful embroidery stitch and the most important of all following stitches
(A) Long and short
(B) Couching stitch
(C) Button hole stitch
(D) Satin stitch
Answer: D
52.    How many types of pleats?
(A) 5
(B) 2
(C) 4
(D) 6
Answer: A
53.    It should be taken at the fullest part of the arm.
(A) Elbow circumferences
(B) Upper arm circumferences
(C) Wrist measurements
(D) Armhole round
Answer: B
54.    The other name of overcasting stitch
(A) Stem stitch
(B) Back stitch
(C) Cord stitch
(D) Hem stitich
Answer: C
55.    A design consisting of two or more alphabetic letters combain or interlaced on clothing
(A) Mending
(B) Monogram
(C) Carding
(D) Naping
Answer: B
56.    The complete grown human figure can be classified in to ................. important type.
(A) 8
(B) 10
(C) 3
(D) 2
Answer: D
57.    When this is made to revolve, it works according to the mechanism of the machine.
(A) Fee dog
(B) Take up lever
(C) Fly wheel
(D) Shuttle
Answer: Question Cancelled
58.    If the back part of the chest portion is bulge then normal than the deformity figures is called
(A) Hump chest
(B) Bow leg
(C) Pegion chest
(D) Hump back
Answer: D
59.    Women design fabric may be classified into ............... types.
(A) Two
(B) five
(C) Four
(D) Three
Answer: D
60.    The patterns and laid out on the fabric for cutting process is called
(A) Open layout
(B) Grading
(C) Pattern layout
(D) Drafting
Answer: C

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