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Part Time Tailoring Instructor Solved Paper 49/2017/OL - Part 2

21.       The shoulder area of a sleeve
(A) Arm
(B) Armpit
(C) Crown
(D) Shank
Answer: C
22.       ............... is an open work fabric patterned with open holes in the work.
(A) Frinch
(B) Tassel
(C) Cord
(D) Lace
Answer: D
23.       ............... is cover the needle bar.
(A) Slide plate
(B) Face plate
(C) Bed plate
(D) Needle plate
Answer: B
24.       This is very useful to measure hems, tucks and other shirt distances.
(A) Sewing gaude
(B) French curve
(C) Shirt markers
(D) 'L' square
Answer: A
25.       ............... seam is very sturdy.
(A) Slot seam
(B) Flat fell seam
(C) Corded seam
(D) Counter seam
Answer: B
26.       It is the top end of the needle
(A) Butt
(B) Shank
(C) Point
(D) Blade
Answer: A
27.       This is the first thing that a customer notices about a garment.
(A) Design
(B) Cost
(C) Colour
(D) Fibre
Answer: C
28.       .................. are the foundation for pattern drafting.
(A) Human anatomy
(B) Human body
(C) Proportion
(D) Measurements
Answer: D
29.       ................ is one of the most flexible and creative parts of the design.
(A) Pleats
(B) Darts
(C) Tucks
(D) Gathers
Answer: B
30.    ................... are work aids that can be added or removed from the machine in a particular sewing operation.
(A) Stitch regulator
(B) Bobbin case
(C) Needle
(D) Attachments
Answer: D
31.    Which number of machine needle used for stitching silk garments?
(A) 16
(B) 18
(C) 14
(D) 9
Answer: C
32.    This type of pocket is used in coats.
(A) Set in pocket
(B) Flap pocket
(C) Patch pocket
(D) Bellows pocket
Answer: A
33.    This placket is suitable for children's garments
(A) Tailored placket
(B) Zipper placket
(C) Two piece placket
(D) Continuous placket
Answer: D
34.    It should be taken at the fullest part of the arm.
(A) Upper arm circumference
(B) Around the arm at elbow
(C) Elbow circumference
(D) Measuring around the cuff
Answer: A
35.    This is an essential characteristics of needle
(A) Short grove
(B) Length of needle
(C) Smoothness of the needle eye
(D) Length of eye hole
Answer: C
36.    ................ feeds thread from the spool to the needle.
(A) Stitch width control
(B) Stitch regulator
(C) Tenshion control
(D) Thread take uplever
Answer: D
37.    The bottom circumference of a garment is called
(A) Girth
(B) Tick
(C) Seye
(D) Lape
Answer: A
38.    Average width of a tape which is used for measuring cloth
(A) 1/4 ” – 3/4 ”
(B) 1”
(C) 1/2 ”
(D) 1/2 ” – 1”
Answer: A
39.    Identify the following symbol
(A) Lengthening
(B) Padding
(C) Sleeve pitch
(D) Stretching
Answer: B
40.    1 to 4 needle is used for
(A) Mattress
(B) Jeorgette
(C) Blanket
(D) None of these
Answer: A

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