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Part Time Tailoring Instructor Solved Paper 49/2017/OL - Part 3

41.       The method of tracing designs in woolen and velvet is
(A) Ironing method
(B) Carbon method
(C) Tensling method
(D) Pounciling method
Answer: D
42.       The button hole can be created by using three threads.
(A) Cord bound button hole
(B) Bound button hole
(C) Faced button hole
(D) Mended button hole
Answer: D
43.       The method of pressing artificial silk is
(A) Wet method
(B) Under pressing
(C) Dry method
(D) Top pressing
Answer: C
44.       The back neck of a coat is
(A) Tick
(B) Fork
(C) Face
(D) Lay
Answer: A
45.       Mixing in terilin, viscose and cotton to make a fabric is called
(A) Terin
(B) Decron
(C) Tery cotton
(D) Terilex
Answer: D
46.       This is the easiest kind of pocket
(A) Inserted pocket
(B) Flap pocket
(C) Patch pocket
(D) Cargo pocket
Answer: C
47.       ................. is an excellent material for embroidery.
(A) Woolen
(B) Linen
(C) Rayon
(D) Nylone
Answer: B
48.       .................. is simply techniques of applying one fabric to another.
(A) Applique work
(B) Screen printing
(C) Shadow work
(D) Fabric painting
Answer: A
49.       This stitch is a variation of chain stitch.
(A) Queen
(B) Broken
(C) Feather
(D) Stem
Answer: B
50.    This is an artificial silk
(A) Polyester
(B) Rayon
(C) Georget
(D) Shifon
Answer: C
51.    This is the most useful embroidery stitch and the most important of all following stitches
(A) Long and short
(B) Couching stitch
(C) Button hole stitch
(D) Satin stitch
Answer: D
52.    How many types of pleats?
(A) 5
(B) 2
(C) 4
(D) 6
Answer: A
53.    It should be taken at the fullest part of the arm.
(A) Elbow circumferences
(B) Upper arm circumferences
(C) Wrist measurements
(D) Armhole round
Answer: B
54.    The other name of overcasting stitch
(A) Stem stitch
(B) Back stitch
(C) Cord stitch
(D) Hem stitich
Answer: C
55.    A design consisting of two or more alphabetic letters combain or interlaced on clothing
(A) Mending
(B) Monogram
(C) Carding
(D) Naping
Answer: B
56.    The complete grown human figure can be classified in to ................. important type.
(A) 8
(B) 10
(C) 3
(D) 2
Answer: D
57.    When this is made to revolve, it works according to the mechanism of the machine.
(A) Fee dog
(B) Take up lever
(C) Fly wheel
(D) Shuttle
Answer: Question Cancelled
58.    If the back part of the chest portion is bulge then normal than the deformity figures is called
(A) Hump chest
(B) Bow leg
(C) Pegion chest
(D) Hump back
Answer: D
59.    Women design fabric may be classified into ............... types.
(A) Two
(B) five
(C) Four
(D) Three
Answer: D
60.    The patterns and laid out on the fabric for cutting process is called
(A) Open layout
(B) Grading
(C) Pattern layout
(D) Drafting
Answer: C

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