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Part Time Tailoring Instructor Solved Paper 49/2017/OL - Part 5

81.       When an amount of a piece of fabric is added in to an area of a garment to enlarged it.
(A) Flare
(B) Frinch
(C) Interlining
(D) Gusset
Answer: D
82.       One metre is
(A) 36”
(B) 38.2”
(C) 39.3”
(D) 39”
Answer: C
83.       Which colour is used in carpet?
(A) Basic colour
(B) Sulphur colour
(C) Acid colour
(D) Direct colour
Answer: D
84.       Choose the odd one
(A) Blue
(B) Green
(C) Orange
(D) Violet
Answer: A
85.       This is an opening for kurtha.
(A) Bound opening
(B) Shirt opening
(C) Continuous opening
(D) Tailored opening
Answer: D
86.       This stitch is used for straight darn
(A) Fish bone stitch
(B) Satin stitch
(C) Hem stitich
(D) Herring bone stitich
Answer: A
87.       Individual balance is
(A) Stooping figure
(B) Normal figure
(C) Knock knee figure
(D) None of above
Answer: C
88.       This is a part of base
(A) Needle plate
(B) Face plate
(C) Thump nut
(D) Stitch regulator
Answer: A
89.       This is an industrial pattern.
(A) Tested pattern
(B) Graded pattern
(C) Individual pattern
(D) Block pattern
Answer: B
90.    According to eight head theory, chest measurement is ................ % of height.
(A) 50%
(B) 52%
(C) 55%
(D) 51%
Answer: C
91.    .................. are the guide points for joining the different parts of the garments in a perfect manner.
(A) Notches
(B) Slit
(C) Tongue
(D) Margin
Answer: A
92.    ............... is an another name of English embroidery.
(A) Indian embroidery
(B) White embroidery
(C) Shaded embroidery
(D) Thamboor embroidery
Answer: B
93.    .................... needle is commonly used for free motion sewing in monograming.
(A) Tripple needle
(B) Machine needle
(C) Spring needle
(D) Trin needle
Answer: C
94.    The other name of hem stitch
(A) Rolled
(B) Slip
(C) Blind
(D) Double
Answer: A
95.    This shears are useful for finishing the edges of the seams and other raw edges of fabric.
(A) Scalloping shears
(B) Shears
(C) Scissors
(D) Pinking shears
Answer: D
96.    Ball point needle is used for
(A) Crochet work
(B) Honey combing
(C) Knitting fabric
(D) Smocking stitch
Answer: C
97.    First introduced in cut work
(A) France
(B) Italy
(C) India
(D) Japan
Answer: B
98.    Width of sleeve lining is
(A) 92 cm
(B) 90 cm
(C) 122 cm
(D) 127 cm
Answer: A
99.    It is the quality of lightness or darkness in a colour.
(A) Hue
(B) Shade
(C) Emphasis
(D) Value
Answer: D
100.    The lower surface of the sewing machine is
(A) Face
(B) Bed
(C) Treadle
(D) Lich
Answer: B

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