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Junior Instructor Draftsman Civil Solved Paper 64/2017/OL - Part 3

41.       The accuracy of "fix" by two point problems is
(A) Bad
(B) Good
(C) Unique
(D) Not reliable
Answer: D
42.       In levelling, the error due to refraction is
(A) Positive
(B) Negative
(C) Compensating
(D) Progressive
Answer: C
43.       Levelling across a river is done by
(A) fly levelling
(B) reciprocal levelling
(C) trigonometrical levelling
(D) cross levelling
Answer: B
44.       An anallatic lens is
(A) Convex
(B) Concave
(C) Plane
(D) Plano-concave
Answer: A
45.       Which method gives more accurate results in the measurements of areas
(A) Mid − ordinate rule
(B) Average − ordinate rule
(C) C. trapezoidal rule
(D) Simpsons rule
Answer: D
46.       The colour of a mineral in its powered form is known as
(A) streak
(B) lustre
(C) texture
(D) structure
Answer: A
47.       Which of the following is a mineral
(A) Quartzite
(B) Laterite
(C) Granite
(D) Calcite
Answer: D
48.       THe minimum hardness number for marble is about
(A) 3
(B) 5
(C) 8
(D) 10
Answer: A
49.       A stone is rejected if the water absorption is more than
(A) 30%
(B) 25%
(C) 20%
(D) 15%
Answer: D
50.    Attrition test on stone is done to find out
(A) Compressive strength
(B) Hardness
(C) Rate of wear
(D) Toughness
Answer: C

51.    The coarsenses of the grains of a mineral is known as
(A) fracture
(B) texture
(C) structure
(D) lusture
Answer: B
52.    The tool used for quarrying of stones is
(A) dipper
(B) jumper
(C) spalling hammer
(D) priming needle
Answer: B
53.    The ingredient of the brick earth which enables the brick to retain shape
(A) alumina
(B) silica
(C) iron oxide
(D) magnesia
Answer: B
54.    The board used for providing frog in bricks is known as
(A) pallet board
(B) lamin board
(C) fibre board
(D) stock board
Answer: D
55.    Swelling of bricks is known as
(A) bloating
(B) lamination
(C) chuffs
(D) efflorescene
Answer: A
56.    Annual rings of the tree represent is
(A) life
(B) strength
(C) density
(D) cant
Answer: A
57.    The main constituent of varnish is
(A) turpentine oil
(B) petrol
(C) resin
(D) solvent
Answer: C
58.    The main corrosive resisting pigment in paint is
(A) Zinc oxide
(B) Aluminium oxide
(C) Ferrous oxide
(D) Red lead
Answer: D
59.    Out of the following, the material which dries quickly is
(A) paint
(B) polish
(C) enamel
(D) varnish
Answer: B
60.    Poorest conductor of electricity is
(A) Aluminium
(B) Carbon
(C) Steel
(D) Silver
Answer: B

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