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Junior Instructor Draftsman Civil Solved Paper 64/2017/OL - Part 4

61.       The depth of excavation for foundation is usually checked with a
(A) tape
(B) levelling staff
(C) ranging rod
(D) boning rod
Answer: D
62.       When a brick is cut off lengthwise the cut out bricks are called
(A) Queen closer
(B) King closer
(C) Corbel
(D) Bat
Answer: A
63.       To construct a 10 cm thick partition wall, preferred bond will be
(A) Flemish bond
(B) English bond
(C) Stretcher bond
(D) Header bond
Answer: C
64.       The projection of tread beyond the riser is called as
(A) stringer
(B) nosing
(C) pitch
(D) baluster
Answer: B
65.       The number of steps in a flight should be less than
(A) 12
(B) 3
(C) 2
(D) 5
Answer: B
66.       The wedge shaped bricks forming an arch ring are called
(A) voussoirs
(B) soffit
(C) spandrils
(D) haunches
Answer: A
67.       The upper convex surface of an arch is called
(A) intrados
(B) extrados
(C) soffit
(D) haunch
Answer: B
68.       Apex line of a sloping roof is called
(A) rise
(B) hip
(C) ridge
(D) verge
Answer: C
69.       The arrangement of supporting an existing structure by providing supports underneath, is known as
(A) piling
(B) jacking
(C) shoring
(D) underpinning
Answer: D
70.    Lower edge of the inclined roof surface is called
(A) pitch
(B)  eves
(C) cleat
(D) gable
Answer: B

71.    In a detailed estimate the provisions for contingensis, is usually
(A) 1 percent
(B) 30 to 5 percent
(C) 10 percent
(D) 12 to 15 percent
Answer: B
72.    Capacity of a flushing cistern is
(A) 10 litres
(B) 25 litres
(C) 12 to 15 litres
(D) 20 to 25 litres
Answer: C
73.    While mixing cement mortar by volume, the volume of a cement bag is specified as
(A) 50 litres
(B) 35 litres
(C) 0.050 cu m
(D) 0.35 cu m
Answer: B
74.    Thickness of plastering is usually
(A) 40 mm
(B) 25 mm
(C) 12 mm
(D) 6 mm
Answer: C
75.    Generally the unit of measurement for partition wall is
(A) cu m
(B) sq m
(C) running metre
(D) numbers
Answer: B
76.    The steel used for cutting tools is known as
(A) mild steel
(B) high carbon steel
(C) medium carbon steel
(D) none of these
Answer: B
77.    The property of a material enabling it to resist deformation under stress is called
(A) stiffness
(B) toughness
(C) strength
(D) brittleness
Answer: A
78.    What is the nature of stress in a ceiling fan rod ?
(A) bending
(B) tensile
(C) compressive
(D) shear
Answer: D
79.    Which of the following has the highest value of Poisson's ratio
(A) rubber
(B) steel
(C) aluminium
(D) copper
Answer: A
80.    The bending moment on a section is maximum where shear force is
(A) zero
(B) minimum
(C) maximum
(D) changing sign
Answer: D

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