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Pharmacist Grade 2 Health Services 57/2017/OL - Part 2

21.       Freeze drying is based on the principle of ..............
(A) Sublimation
(B) Desiccation
(C) Fluidisation
(D) Reconstitution
Answer: A
22.       Molecules whose mirror images are non superimpossable are called ...........
(A) Stereoisomers
(B) Geometric isomers
(C) Conformation
(D) Enantiomers
Answer: D
23.       Quantities of electrolytes administered to patients are expressed by ............
(A) Milliequivalent
(B) Equivalent
(C) Milligram
(D) Millilitre
Answer: A
24.       Example for anionic surfactant?
(A) Glycine
(B) Sodium dodecyl sulphate
(C) Trialkyl ammonium
(D) Polyethylene glycol
Answer: B
25.       Which among the following is a prodrug?
(A) Morphine
(B) Ampicillin
(C) Acyclovir
(D) Ibuprofen
Answer: C
26.       What is the percentage strength of 1:5000 solution?
(A) 0.2%
(B) 2%
(C) 0.002%
(D) 0.02%
Answer: D
27.       Articles published in journals are called ..............
(A) Secondary sources
(B) Tertiary sources
(C) Primary sources
(D) Reference works
Answer: C
28.       The colouring matter in capsicum:
(A) Capsaicin
(B) Capsicin
(C) Capsanthin
(D) Capsacutin
Answer: C
29.       Mechanism by which microorganism are killed in autoclaving?
(A) Alkylation of the essential cellular metabolites
(B) Coagulation of the cellular proteins of the microorganism
(C) Oxidation
(D) Precipitation
Answer: B
30.    An anti retrovirus drug Zidovudine acts by which mechanism?
(A) Protease inhibitors
(B) Non nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
(C) DNA polymerase inhibitors
(D) Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Answer: D

31.    Which among the following is the chemical test used to identify C glycosides?
(A) Modified Borntrager's test
(B) Kellekilliani test
(C) Borntrager's test
(D) Murexide test
Answer: A
32.    Eugenol is present in ..............
(A) Ginger
(B) Cardamom
(C) Tulsi
(D) Fennel
Answer: C
33.    1 grain is .............
(A) 15 mg
(B) 60 mg
(C) 15 g
(D) 450 mg
Answer: B
34.    An example for drying oil?
(A) Olive oil
(B) Sesame oil
(C) Arachis oil
(D) Linseed oil
Answer: D
35.    Formula used for calculating retail price?
(A) RP = (MC + CC + PM + PC) `xx` (1 + MAPE/100) - ED
(B) RP = (MC + CC + PM + PC) `xx` (1 + MAPE/100) + ED
(C) RP = (MC + CC + PM + ED) + (1 + MAPE/100) - PM
(D) RP = (MC + CC + PM + PC) - (1 + MAPE100) + ED
Answer: B
36.    Most abundant antibodies found in serum:
(A) Ig M
(B) Ig A
(C) Ig D
(D) Ig G
Answer: D
37.    Antibody containing preparations are commonly known as .............
(A) Antitoxins
(B) Vaccines
(C) Toxoids
(D) Polyvalent vaccines
Answer: A
38.    Calamine I.P. is
(A) Zinc oxide with ferric oxide
(B) Basic zinc carbonate
(C) Zinc carbonate with ferric oxide
(D) Calcium oxide with ferric oxide
Answer: A
39.    Latin term S.O.S. means:
(A) Take alternate days
(B) Take immediately
(C) Take as directed
(D) Take when necessary
Answer: D
40.    As per I.P 'store in a cool place' means
(A) Store at room temperature
(B) Store in a refrigerator
(C) Store between 8° to 25°C
(D) Store between 2° to 8°C
Answer: C

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