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HSST Sociology Solved Paper 29/2016/OL - Part 2

21.       Who defined society as web of social relations?
(A) Max Weber
(B) MacIver
(C) Hobbes
(D) Spencer
Answer: B
22.       Who among the following does not belong to German School of Sociology?
(A) Simmel
(B) Max Weber
(C) Herbert Spencer
(D) Tonnies
Answer: C
23.       A community is based on
(A) Common Habits
(B) Common Ideology
(C) Common Thinking
(D) Common Territory
Answer: D
24.       The concept of Social Distance is associated with
(A) Bogardus
(B) Emile Durkheim
(C) Sumner
(D) Karl Pearson
Answer: A
25.       The "Savage Mind" was written by
(A) F. Tonnies
(B) J. S. Mill
(C) Levi Strauss
(D) E. B. Taylor
Answer: C
26.       An organization deliberately formed for collective pursuit of some interest, which its members share is called
(A) Institution
(B) Association
(C) Community
(D) Society
Answer: B
27.       The borrowing of cultural elements from another society is known as
(A) Cultural lag
(B) Acculturation
(C) Cultural Invention
(D) Cultural Diffusion
Answer: D
28.       The division of labour is the basis of ............... System of stratification.
(A) Varna System
(B) Caste System
(C) Class System
(D) Clan System
Answer: A
29.       Social stratification means
(A) Classification of society into caste
(B) Classification based on class
(C) Classification based on power
(D) Classification of society into groups and in-groups
Answer: D
30.    Who wrote 'The Social System'?
(A) R. K. Merton
(B) Talcott Parson
(C) Karl Marx
(D) Max Weber
Answer: B

31.    "Ethnocentrism" has been coined by
(A) G. H. Mead
(B) Lewis Coser
(C) W. N. Sumner
(D) Edmund Husserl
Answer: C
32.    A Black Byzantium : Kingdom of Nupe in Nigeria was written by
(A) S. F. Nadel
(B) Levi Strauss
(C) Jeffry Alexander
(D) Durkheim
Answer: A
33.    The concept life world is introduced by
(A) Harold Grafinkel
(B) Alfred Schutz
(C) Edmund Husserl
(D) Berger
Answer: C
34.    Attributes refers to
(A) Quality of phenomena
(B) Quantity of the phenomena
(C) Representativeness
(D) All of these
Answer: A
35.    Who introduced the term 'Cyberspace'?
(A) Gilbert
(B) William Gibson
(C) William More
(D) Willman
Answer: B
36.    The book "Asylums" was written by
(A) George Homans
(B) Peter Blau
(C) C. H. Cooley
(D) Ervin Goffman
Answer: D
37.    The word 'Varna' means
(A) Colour
(B) Cloth
(C) Caste
(D) Clan
Answer: A
38.    The term 'Status Group' was introduced by
(A) Durkheim
(B) Karl Marx
(C) Max Weber
(D) Robert Merton
Answer: C
39.    The term Symbolic Interactionalism was coined by
(A) G. H. Mead
(B) Peter M. Blau
(C) Ervin Goffman
(D) Herbert Blumer
Answer: D
40.    The Idea of 'Public Sphere' was introduced by
(A) Karl Marx
(B) J. Habermas
(C) Max Weber
(D) Durkheim
Answer: B

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HSST Sociology Solved Paper 29/2016/OL - Part 1

Question Paper Code: 29/2016/OL
Category Code: 578/2014
Exam: HSST Sociology - SR FOR SC/ST
Date of Test: 29-02-2016
Alphacode A

1.       The Christian Missionary Rev. Mead, who worked in South Travancore, was associated with
(A) London Mission Society
(B) Christian Mission Society
(C) Basel Evangelical Mission
(D) None of these
Answer: A
2.       Where did Chattampi Swamikal attain Samadhi?
(A) Varkala
(B) Panmana
(C) Kannamula
(D) Aalathur
Answer: B
3.       Kesavan Asan started the newspaper entitled Sujananandini from
(A) Kottayam
(B) Mayyanad
(C) Paravur
(D) Kanichikulangara
Answer: C
4.       The beautiful elegy Kannuneerthulli is written by
(A) K. P. Karuppan
(B) Nalappat Narayana Menon
(C) M. R. Krishna Warrier
(D) Ullur S. Parameswara Iyer
Answer: B
5.       Which among the following freedom fighters was met with tragic death in connection with Paliyam Satyagraha?
(A) A. G. Velayaudhan
(B) K. Kelappan
(C) A. K. Gopalan
(D) C. Kesavan
Answer: A
6.       When did NITI Aayog came into existence?
(A) 1st June 2014
(B) 1st December 2014
(C) 1st January 2015
(D) 1st April 2015
Answer: C
7.       Where is the headquarters of Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA) situated?
(A) Trissur
(B) Kozhikode
(C) Trivandrum
(D) Mulankunnathukavu
Answer: D
8.       Amaravathi is situated on the banks of ................. river.
(A) Krishna
(B) Tungabhadra
(C) Narmada
(D) Godavari
Answer: A
9.       Kakrapar Atomic Power Station is situated in ................... Indian State.
(A) Karnataka
(B) Gujarat
(C) Maharashtra
(D) Rajasthan
Answer: B
10.    Vice President of India can be removed from office by the
(A) President
(B) Supreme Court
(C) Rajya Sabha
(D) Parliament
Answer: D

11.    Which of the following is a probability sampling?
(A) Cluster sampling
(B) Convenient sampling
(C) Snow Ball sampling
(D) Quota sampling
Answer: A
12.    What does the denominator measure in the F ratio?
(A) Error/variance due to chance
(B) Between cells variance
(C) Mean square variance
(D) Sum of squares
Answer: C
13.    Which of the following is a more influencing factor on learning?
(A) Audio visual aids
(B) Prior learning in the subject
(C) Teacher experience
(D) Learner's home background
Answer: B
14.    In a normal probability distribution
(A) Mean > Median
(B) Median < Mode
(C) Mean < Mode
(D) Mean + Mode = 2 Mean
Answer: D
15.    The main purpose of a formative evaluation is
(A) To reduce the burden of content of evaluation
(B) To have continuous evaluation
(C) To know how much students have learnt
(D) To help students achieve more
Answer: C
16.    From the following find out a non parametric correlation
(A) Product moment correlation
(B) Point Bi serial correlation
(C) Rank order correlation
(D) Partial correlation
Answer: C
17.    Cohort studies are mainly used to investigate which type of research problems?
(A) Relating educational problems
(B) Relating social issues
(C) Relating international affairs
(D) Relating human growth and development
Answer: D
18.    Below are given some activities that can be undertaken during the development phase of a lecture.
i) Using analogies
ii) Testing the previous knowledge
iii) Explaining
iv) Illustrating with examples
v) Giving assignments
Which one of the following combinations of activities is most appropriate during the development phase of lecture?
(A) i) ii) iii)
(B) i) iii) iv)
(C) i) iv) v)
(D) ii) iv) v)
Answer: D
19.    Distortion in classroom communication largely depend upon
(A) Noise inside the classroom
(B) Lack of knowledge of the teacher
(C) Noise outside the classroom
(D) Lack of knowledge of students
Answer: B
20.    What is the meaning of fluency in questioning in a classroom situation?
(A) Fluency in addressing students
(B) Talking too much in a classroom
(C) Asking questions continuously
(D) Rate of meaningful questions
Answer: D

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HSST English Jr Solved Paper 30/2015/OL - Part 5

81.       What is the central theme of the verses in the 'Geetanjali'?
(A) Love
(B) God
(C) Quest for the divine and devotion
(D) beauty
Answer: C
82.       What is the name of the protagonist in Ellison's 'Invisible Man'?
(A) Nameless
(B) Jack
(C) Clifton
(D) Ras
Answer: A
83.       Why was Mian Abdulla (Midnight's Children) assassinated? Because/ of:
(A) He was the founder of 'Free Islam Convocation'
(B) His anti-partition stance
(C) Adam became his follower
(D) Nadir Khan became his enemy
Answer: B
84.       What is the new definition that 'Jaya' (Harvest) discovers for 'Winning'?Winning by:
(A) Refusing
(B) Surrendering
(C) Revolting
(D) Losing
Answer: D
85.       Which of the following is NOT one of the passions of 'Benjamin Compson' (Sound and the Fury)?
(A) Caddy
(B) Jason
(C) Fire
(D) The family golf course
Answer: B
86.       The lines "I speak three languages, write in Two, dream in One" is a reference to the multilingualism of:
(A) Toru Dutt
(B) Kamala Das
(C) Ezekiel
(D) Meena Alexander
Answer: B
87.       When did 'Sylvia Plath' attempt to join her dead daddy for the first time?
(A) At the age of 10
(B) At the age of 15
(C) At the age of 20
(D) At the age of 25
Answer: C
88.       What made Robert Frost choose the 'Road not Taken'?
(A) His desire to make an impact with his life
(B) To make money
(C) To become famous
(D) To be a role model
Answer: A
89.       What metal was used in the bullet that killed 'Brutus Jones'?
(A) Gold
(B) Iron
(C) Copper
(D) Silver
Answer: D
90.    What does the 'Self-reliant' (Emerson's 'Self Reliance') man dislike?
(A) To travel
(B) To speak his mind
(C) To speak truth
(D) To be optimistic
Answer: A

91.    .............. is the author of Black Skins, White Masks
(A) Bell Hooks
(B) Malcolm X
(C) Frantz Fanon
(D) Aime Cesaire
Answer: C
92.    Deep Ecology is ..............
(A) A school of thought which advocates return to nature
(B) A philosophy which attempts to redefine the relationship between humans and nature
(C) A movement or body of concepts that considers humans no more important than other species
(D) None of the above
Answer: C
93.    The following is not generally associated with Queer Theory:
(A) Judith Butler
(B) Adrienne Rich
(C) Michel Foucault
(D) Homi Bhabha
Answer: D
94.    Trauma Theory links the experience of trauma to
(A) Language disorders
(B) Identity Politics
(C) The evolutionary heritage of humans
(D) Patriarchy
Answer: C
95.    The following is not a form of 'New Feminism':
(A) Post-Feminism
(B) Eco-Feminism
(C) Power Feminism
(D) Third Wave Feminism
Answer: B
96.    The phrase "Historicity of texts and the textuality of history" was coined by .............
(A) Louis Montrose
(B) Stephen Greenblatt
(C) Alan Sinfield
(D) Raymond Williams
Answer: A
97.    The following is associated with Culture Studies:
(A) Stuart Hall
(B) Jacque Derrida
(C) Frantz Fanon
(D) Edward Said
Answer: A
98.    The following is not considered a Diasporic writer:
(A) V S Naipaul
(B) Chithra Banerjee Divakaruni
(C) Derek Walcott
(D) Michael Ontadje
Answer: C
99.    ............... contributed some of the most important concepts and notions on the Public Sphere in the Twentieth Century.
(A) Barbara Smith
(B) Mikhail Bakhtin
(C) Noam Chomsky
(D) Jurgen Habermas
Answer: D
100.    Hyper-reality can be defined as .................
(A) Extreme faithfulness to reality in representations
(B) The inability of consciousness to recognize between reality and simulations of reality
(C) The empathetic involvement in representations of reality
(D) None of the above
Answer: B

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