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HSST Economics Solved Paper Category Code: 357/2016 - Part 5

81.       Raymond Vernon is associated with
(A) Technological Gap Model
(B) Product Cycle Model
(C) Intra-Industry Model
(D) Factor Endowment Model
Answer: B
82.       A nation's willingness to import and export at various relative commodity prices is shown by
(A) Laffer curve
(B) J curve
(C) BP curve
(D) Offer curve
Answer: D
83.       EURO became the common currency of the European Monetary Union on
(A) 1st January 1999
(B) 1st January 1989
(C) 1st January 2001
(D) 1 January 2006
Answer: A
84.       The purchase of a currency from the monetary centre where it is cheaper for immediate resale in the monetary centre where it is dearer, in order to make a profit is called
(A) Currency swaps
(B) Hedging
(C) Arbitrage
(D) Futures
Answer: C
85.       The most advanced form of economic integration is
(A) Customs Union
(B) Common market
(C) Economic union
(D) Free Trade Area
Answer: C
86.       The Chairman of the 'Committee on Financial Inclusion'
(A) M. Narasimham
(B) Raghuram Rajan
(C) Y.V. Reddy
(D) C. Rangarajan
Answer: D
87.       Which of the following model explains intra-industry trade?
(A) Technological Gap Model
(B) Heckscher-Ohlin Model
(C) Brander Krugman
(D) Mundell-Fleming Model
Answer: C
88.       The absorption approach of balance of payments was contributed by
(A) Sidney Alexander
(B) Meade
(C) Kenneth Arrow
(D) Posner
Answer: A
89.       The ratio of the price of its export commodity to the price of its import commodity is known as
(A) Exchange rate
(B) Comparative advantage
(C) Terms of trade
(D) Gains of trade
Answer: C
90.    According to the Mercantilists' view, international trade was a
(A) Positive sum game
(B) Negative sum game
(C) Zero sum game
(D) None of these
Answer: C
91.    Real Business Cycle Theory is associated with
(A) Keynes
(B) Kydland
(C) Schumpeter
(D) Fischer
Answer: B
92.    Vital statistics is mainly concerned with
(A) Birth rate
(B) Death rate
(C) Fertility rate
(D) All the above
Answer: D
93.    Rejecting `"H_0"` when `"H_0"` is true is called` `
(A) Type I error
(B) Type II error
(C) Power to the test
(D) None of these
Answer: A
94.    The name of Garret Hardin is associated with
(A) Tragedy of commons
(B) Value judgement
(C) Market signalling
(D) General equilibrium
Answer: A
95.    The SEBI established in which year with its Act?
(A) 1992
(B) 1990
(C) 1991
(D) 1999
Answer: A
96.    India's official anti-monopoly body is
(A) MRTP commission
(B) Competition commission of India
(C) Monopoly commission
(D) None of the above
Answer: B
97.    The term regression was introduced by
(A) R.A. Fisher
(B) Karl Pearson
(C) Sir Francis Galton
(D) Bowley
Answer: C
98.    Contigent valuation method is also known as
(A) Non-hypothetical method
(B) Contigent ranking method
(C) Travel cost method
(D) Willingness to pay method
Answer: D
99.    A pure economic loss with no corresponding gains elsewhere in the economy is
(A) Capital loss
(B) Devaluation
(C) Depreciation
(D) Dead weight loss
Answer: D
100.    The percentage contribution of Kerala (current prices) to all India GDP during 2011-12 is around
(A) 5.8
(B) 3.8
(C) 6.8
(D) 2.8
Answer: B

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