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HSST English Jr Solved Paper 30/2015/OL - Part 4

61.       Who brought forth the 'Rasa-Dhwani Siddhanta'?
(A) Bharata
(B) Manu
(C) Vamana
(D) Abhinavagupta
Answer: D
62.       Aristotle defined poetry as:
(A) Pleasure
(B) Medium of imitation
(C) Emotion
(D) Spontaneous overflow
Answer: B
63.       Which of the following is a 'Vice of Style' opposed to the 'Sublime' according to Longinus?
(A) Grandeur of thought
(B) Dignified expression
(C) Vigorous treatment of the passions
(D) Affectation
Answer: D
64.       Who is called 'The Father of English Criticism' by Dr. Johnson?
(A) John Dryden
(B) Philip Sidney
(C) Wordsworth
(D) Arnold
Answer: A
65.       Who stated that "Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings"?
(A) Coleridge
(B) Arnold
(C) Byron
(D) Wordsworth
Answer: D
66.       Arnold's 'Touchstone Method' is modelled on:
(A) Aristotle's 'Cathartic Reversal'
(B) Dryden's 'Three Unities'
(C) Longinus 'Test of Poetic Greatness'
(D) Sidney's 'Classical Rules' application to poetry
Answer: C
67.       Which of the following movement was initiated with Derrida's paper 'The Structure, Sign and Play in the Human Sciences'?
(A) Classical structuralism
(B) Traditional humanism
(C) Empiricism
(D) Post-structuralism
Answer: D
68.       What according to 'Elain Showalter' is the reason for the impasse that feminist criticism had reached in the 1970s
(A) The 'Male' character of 'Theory' itself
(B) Orthodox approach to male literary history
(C) The women's liberation movement
(D) Reviewing past works by feminists
Answer: A
69.       Which of the following is NOT one of the main points in Lacan's 'Insistence of the letter in the unconscious'?
(A) There is no getting outside language
(B) Human self or soul transcends the limits of language
(C) Language is intimately figurative
(D) Human subject is constituted through entry into language
Answer: B
70.    'Michel Foucault' elaborated upon the relationship between knowledge and power propounded by:
(A) Kant
(B) Saussure
(C) Freud
(D) Nietzsche
Answer: D
71.    Syntactic Structures was published by
(A) Saussure
(B) Noam Chomsky
(C) Zellig Harris
(D) Robert May
Answer: B
72.    A simplified form of speech formed out of one or more existing languages used by people who have no other language in common is called .............
(A) Pidgins
(B) Creole
(C) Idiolect
(D) Dialect
Answer: A
73.    The language variety unique to a single speaker of a language is called ...............
(A) Dialect
(B) Idiolect
(C) Creole
(D) Pidgins
Answer: B
74.    The King James Bible was first published in ..................
(A) 1611
(B) 1612
(C) 1610
(D) 1567
Answer: A
75.    Grimm's law states the
(A) consonant shift
(B) vowel shift
(C) Medieval Latin elusion
(D) division of morpheme
Answer: A
76.    Ablaut signifies change in ...............
(A) consonant
(B) meaning
(C) pronunciation
(D) vowel
Answer: D
77.    Minimalistic Program is a continuation of ..............
(A) Generative Grammar
(B) Structural Linguistics
(C) Historical Linguistics
(D) Social Linguistics
Answer: A
78.    The focus of Sociolinguistics is
(A) The effect of the society on the language
(B) Language's effect on the society
(C) Effect of history on language
(D) Effect of Political changes on language
Answer: A
79.    Language was published by
(A) Noam Chomsky
(B) Ferdinand de Saussure
(C) Aldous Huxley
(D) Leonard Bloomfield
Answer: D
80.    Who spoke of England and America as two countries separated by a common language
(A) Winston Churchill
(B) Bernard Shaw
(C) Ronald Regan
(D) Leonard Bloomfield
Answer: B

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