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HSST English Jr Solved Paper 32/2016/OL - Part 3

41.       The subplot of Hayavadana is centred around ..................
(A) The man with the horse's head
(B) The dolls
(C) The love triangle
(D) The Bhagavata
Answer: A
42.       "Panopticism" is the title of a chapter in a well-known book by :
(A) Roman Jakobson
(B) Jacques Lacan
(C) Michel Foucault
(D) Jacques Derrida
Answer: C
43.       When Act I of Waiting for Godot opens, Estragon is :
(A) Asleep
(B) Trying to pull his boot off
(C) Making castles in the dirt
(D) Staring off into space
Answer: B
44.       The idea that people are weighed down by the roles they play is introduced by William Wordsworth in Immortality Ode, based on the concept of ...............
(A) Theatrum mundi
(B) Spiritus mundi
(C) Transit Gloria mundi
(D) Lectio brevior
Answer: A
45.       Who was sent by Polonius to spy on Laertes in Paris?
(A) Francisco
(B) Samson
(C) Reynaldo
(D) Gorgonzola
Answer: C
46.       Who termed the present environmental crisis as a crisis of our imagination?
(A) Lawrence Buell
(B) Henry Thoreau
(C) Richard Adams
(D) Aldo Leopold
Answer: B
47.       During the Middle English period, many words were borrowed from .................
(A) Celtic and Norse
(B) Sanskrit and Pali
(C) Latin and French
(D) Greek and Latin
Answer: C
48.       Wordsworth's primary concern in the Lyrical Ballads was ..................
(A) the language of poetry
(B) the subject matter of poetry
(C) the rejection of neoclassical principles
(D) to formulate a new genre of poetry
Answer: A
49.       What aspect of the main character is mirrored in the structure of The Golden Note Book?
(A) The complexity of her looks
(B) The simplicity of her looks
(C) The simplicity of her life
(D) The complexity of her life
Answer: D
50.    According to Algernon in The Importance of Being Earnest, what is the essence of romance?
(A) Consistency
(B) Fidelity
(C) Uncertainty
(D) Passion
Answer: C
51.    What is meant by 'language transfer'?
(A) The carry over of rules of the Second language syntax, phonology, or semantic system to the mother tongue in question
(B) The carry over of rules of the mother tongue syntax, phonology, or semantic system to the Second language in question
(C) The vocabulary and sentence structure transferred haphazardly during Second language acquisition from any other language accessed by the learner
(D) Knowledge generated in the development of a learner on account of other domains of knowledge
Answer: C
52.    What is considered as the central principle of literary criticism in Sanskrit Literature?
(A) Dhwani
(B) Rasa
(C) Vakrokthi
(D) Vyanjana
Answer: D
53.    Which angel does Satan trick by disguising himself as a cherub?
(A) Abdiel
(B) Uriel
(C) Raphael
(D) Michael
Answer: B
54.    The Grecian Urn is called "cold pastoral" because :
(A) it has remained unchanged till now
(B) it is mysterious
(C) it is made of marble
(D) all of these
Answer: D
55.    In which section of The Waste Land does Tiresias appear?
(A) What the Thunder Said
(B) A Game of Chess
(C) The Fire Sermon
(D) The Burial of the Dead
Answer: C
56.    "Shakespeare approximates the remote and familiarizes the wonderful". Whose words are these?
(A) Samuel Johnson
(B) John Dryden
(C) William Wordsworth
(D) Samuel Coleridge
Answer: A
57.    The term for describing someone's death as "someone is no more" or that "someone has breathed his/her last" is .................
(A) Euphism
(B) Euphony
(C) Understatement
(D) Euphemism
Answer: D
58.    What does Noam Chomsky's theory of language development emphasize?
(A) Children's cognitive abilities
(B) Learning and conditioning principles
(C) Innate structures and biological mechanisms
(D) The language support system provided by parents
Answer: C
59.    Shelly used which stanza form in "Ode to the West Wind"?
(A) Rime Royal
(B) Terza Rima
(C) Ottava Rima
(D) Spenserian Stanza
Answer: B
60.    From which poem is the line, "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity" taken from?
(A) The Waste Land
(B) Tintern Abbey
(C) The Second Coming
(D) Prayer for My Daughter
Answer: C

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