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HSST English Jr Solved Paper 32/2016/OL - Part 5

81.       The essay "Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence" was written by .....................
(A) Adrienne Rich
(B) Judith Butler
(C) Diana Fuss
(D) Annamarie Jagose
Answer: A
82.       "The pitfalls of national consciousness" is an essay by .......................
(A) Benedict Anderson
(B) Benita Parry
(C) Frantz Fanon
(D) Partha Chatterjee
Answer: C
83.       Who defined Postmodern as "incredulity towards metanarratives"?
(A) Jacques Lacan
(B) Gilles Deleuze
(C) Jean Baudrillard
(D) Jean-Francois Lyotard
Answer: D
84.       In his study of metaphor and metonymy, Roman Jakobson borrowed Saussure's "syntagm versus paradigm" which stands for .................... and .................... respectively.
(A) Particular and General
(B) Separation and Connection
(C) Selection and Combination
(D) None of these
Answer: C
85.       Which of the following poets has written a poem on a tree in their garden house at Baugmaree?
(A) Sarojini Naidu
(B) Toru Dutt
(C) Meena Alexander
(D) Kamala Das
Answer: B
86.       Who supports Women's Rights in Sons and Lovers?
(A) Mrs. Morel
(B) Annie
(C) Miriam
(D) Clara Dawes
Answer: A
87.       For the Elizabethan audience, the Duchess of Malfi marrying her steward, Antonio, was a triple offence. Which of the following is not one?
(A) She was a widow marrying a second time
(B) She married on her own outside the Church
(C) She married beneath her status in disregard of 'degree'
(D) She married against the wishes of her brothers who almost acted like her guardians
Answer: B
88.       Where does young Catherine leave Thrushcross Grange for the first time to?
(A) Wuthering Heights
(B) The nearby village
(C) The fairy caves at Penistone Crags
(D) London
Answer: C
89.       How does John Donne describe the death of virtuous people in "A Valediction : Forbidding Mourning"?
(A) Painful
(B) Silent
(C) Clamorous
(D) Slow
Answer: B
90.    What was the preliminary version of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man known as?
(A) Stephen Hero
(B) Bloom's Blunder
(C) A Day in the life of Stephen Dedalus
(D) The Dead
Answer: A
91.    Who is the author of the two major works An Introduction to Language and Language?
(A) Leonard Bloomfield
(B) Bernard Bloch
(C) Noam Chomsky
(D) Ferdinand de Saussure
Answer: A
92.    Where does The Glass Menagerie take place?
(A) Cleveland
(B) New York
(C) Mississippi
(D) St. Louis
Answer: D
93.    The meaning of the term 'episteme' is .....................
(A) Knowledge
(B) Archive
(C) Theology
(D) Scholarship
Answer: A
94.    Which of the following is not a form of new Historicist criticism?
(A) Genealogy of Patriarchal Discourse
(B) Archaeology of Social Constructs
(C) Poststructural recovery of authorial intent
(D) Cultural Materialism
Answer: C
95.    According to Ralph Emerson, what do great works of art teach us?
(A) Truly great works of art inspire everyone
(B) There are few true geniuses in the world
(C) Art is a matter of personal taste
(D) Obey your spontaneous impression
Answer: D
96.    Who called Francis Bacon, "the wisest, the brightest and the meanest of mankind"?
(A) Dr. Johnson
(B) Ben Jonson
(C) Alexander Pope
(D) John Dryden
Answer: C
97.    Whom does "an embarrassed peacock, quite unused to its plumes" refer to?
(A) Toru Dutt
(B) Sarojini Naidu
(C) Emily Bronte
(D) Emily Dickinson
Answer: D
98.    What does Caroline see her youngest son's affliction as in The Sound and the Fury?
(A) As a blessing
(B) As God's will
(C) As part of life
(D) As a curse on the family
Answer: D
99.    The period in The Bluest Eye corresponds to ......................
(A) the Vietnam war and the violence against the poor
(B) World War II and the Nazi regime's ideas of beauty
(C) the Reconstruction era and the legacy of slavery
(D) Reagan's racism and his war against America's black poor
Answer: B
100.    The winner of Nobel Prize for Literature in 2014 is ..................
(A) Richard Flanagan
(B) Patrick Modiano
(C) Alice Munro
(D) Elanor Catton
Answer: B

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