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HSST Geography Jr Solved Paper Category Code: 292/2016 - Part 2

21.       Development of democratic citizenship is :
(A) A goal of education
(B) A learning outcome
(C) A process competency
(D) An instructional objective
Answer: A
22.       Which of the following methods can enhance pupil-pupil interaction in a class?
(A) Experiment
(B) Lecture
(C) Peer tutoring
(D) Problem solving
Answer: C
23.       Which of the following is the most important duty of a teacher?
(A) To come regularly and attend students feeling
(B) To create a classroom environment
(C) To guide them to appear for examinations without anxiety
(D) To motivate the learner to learn how to learn
Answer: D
24.       Which one is an advantage of expository teaching?
(A) Higher learner participation
(B) Highly interactive
(C) More content coverage
(D) Suitable for small groups
Answer: C
25.       Which of the following will be the most popular for assessing students' attitude towards study tasks?
(A) Internal tests
(B) Scales
(C) Observation
(D) Sociometric techniques
Answer: B
26.       A researcher studies the effect of anxiety on students' achievement. Which category of variable is anxiety?
(A) Control
(B) Dependent
(C) Independent
(D) Intervening
Answer: C
27.       If a researcher sends a Questionnaire to every 5th person from the sample frame, sampling technique is :
(A) Cluster sampling
(B) Judgemental sampling
(C) Stratified sampling
(D) Systematic sampling
Answer: D
28.       Qualitative research is characterized by :
(A) Context specificity
(B) Deductive
(C) Generalizability
(D) Hypotheses testing
Answer: A
29.       What is ISSN?
(A) International Specific Series Number
(B) International Standard Serial Number
(C) International Standard Subscriber Number
(D) International Subscriber Standard Number
Answer: B
30.    A research result that cannot be generalized is lacking in :
(A) External criticism
(B) External validity
(C) Internal criticism
(D) Internal validity
Answer: B
31.    The person who enunciated the principle of Uniformitarianism
(A) James Hutton
(B) Penk
(C) V.M. Davis
(D) Huss
Answer: A
32.    The largest division of the Geologic time scale :
(A) Division
(B) Eons
(C) Periods
(D) Epochs
Answer: B
33.    The person associated with the concept of Isostasy :
(A) Airy
(B) Wegner
(C) W.M. Davis
(D) Hess
Answer: A
34.    The process of temperature decrease due to the expansion of rising air is called as :
(A) Adiabatic cooling
(B) Inversion of temperature
(C) Adiabatic heating
(D) Latent heat of condensation
Answer: A
35.    The percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere :
(A) 30%
(B) 25%
(C) 24%
(D) 21%
Answer: D
36.    A line which connects points of equal wind speed :
(A) Isobar
(B) Isotach
(C) Isohaline
(D) Isopycnal
Answer: B
37.    Which is the high cloud?
(A) Cirrus
(B) Altocumulus
(C) Altostratus
(D) Stratocumulus
Answer: A
38.    The Humboldt Current is the ocean current of :
(A) Indian Ocean
(B) Atlantic Ocean
(C) Arctic Ocean
(D) Pacific Ocean
Answer: D
39.    A sand or gravel bar that connect an island with another island or the mainland :
(A) Haffs
(B) Spits
(C) Hook
(D) Tombolo
Answer: D
40.    The place or set of environmental condition in which a particular organism lives is called:
(A) Mutation
(B) Habitat
(C) Epiphyte
(D) Locality
Answer: B

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