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HSST Geography Jr Solved Paper Category Code: 292/2016 - Part 4

61.       The lines which connect places of same rainfall :
(A) Isochrones
(B) Isohyets
(C) Isotherms
(D) Isohels
Answer: B
62.       Data that describe the characteristic of spatial features :
(A) Non spatial data
(B) Colour data
(C) Discrete data
(D) Attribute data
Answer: D
63.       A spatial data model that uses a grid to represent the spatial variation of a feature :
(A) Vector data model
(B) Raster data model
(C) Spatial model
(D) Relational data model
Answer: B
64.       Data that provide information about spatial data :
(A) Meta data
(B) Vector data
(C) Raster data
(D) Digital data
Answer: A
65.       Processes of superimposing two or more images or photographs so that equivalent geographic point coincide is called :
(A) Referencing
(B) Redundancy
(C) Registration
(D) Refraction
Answer: C
66.       Which is the large scale map?
(A) Wall map
(B) Atlas map
(C) Thematic map
(D) Cadastral map
Answer: D
67.       International map projections is a modification of :
(A) Bonnes projection
(B) Polyconic projection
(C) Stereographic projection
(D) Orthographic projection
Answer: B
68.       The process of converting raster line into vector lines through tracing is called as :
(A) Polarization
(B) Scanning
(C) Vectorization
(D) Data formatting
Answer: C
69.       The Hythergraph is used to show the distribution of :
(A) Temperature and Rainfall
(B) Humidity and Temperature
(C) Rainfall and Crops
(D) Snowfall
Answer: A
70.    A sub-field of mathematic that is applied in GIS to ensure that the spatial relationships between features are expressed explicitly is known as :
(A) Taxonomy
(B) Topology
(C) Topostudy
(D) Toponomism
Answer: B
71.    The term used to indicate the stage of world urbanization :
(A) Megalopolis
(B) Metropolis
(C) Ecumonopolis
(D) Tyranopolis
Answer: C
72.    The hypothetical pattern of multiple nuclei theory was developed by :
(A) Harris and Ullman
(B) Homer Hoyt
(C) R.M. Hurd
(D) E.W. Burgess
Answer: A
73.    The concept 'Umland' means :
(A) Land around industry
(B) Land around slum
(C) Land around village
(D) Land around a city
Answer: D
74.    An example for ghost city :
(A) Harappa
(B) Raipur
(C) Jaipur
(D) Bhopal
Answer: A
75.    According to Christaller, K 7 in the hierarchy of central places theory stands for :
(A) Marketing principle
(B) Transportation principle
(C) Administrative principle
(D) Trade principle
Answer: C
76.    The periods of Second Five Year Plan in India :
(A) 1955-1960
(B) 1957-1962
(C) 1954-1959
(D) 1956-1961
Answer: D
77.    The First Five Year Plan of India gave more importance to :
(A) Industry
(B) Air transportation
(C) Agriculture
(D) Trade
Answer: C
78.    The Growth pole theory originally developed by :
(A) Christaller
(B) Francis Perroux
(C) Zipf
(D) Ullman
Answer: B
79.    The programme sponsored by Government of India for rural development :
Answer: A
80.    The first Chairman of Planning Commission of India :
(A) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
(B) Jawaharlal Nehru
(C) Dr. Radhakrishnan
(D) Rajagopalachari
Answer: B

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