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HSST Geography Jr Solved Paper Category Code: 292/2016 - Part 5

81.       A region which is characterized by high temperature and heavy rainfall throughout the year :
(A) Tropical Monsoon region
(B) Tropical high land region
(C) Mediterranean region
(D) Equatorial region
Answer: D
82.       The temperate grasslands of South Africa :
(A) Prairies
(B) Velds
(C) Pampas
(D) Downs
Answer: B
83.       An example for Non renewable resource :
(A) Coal
(B) Solar energy
(C) Water
(D) Wind
Answer: A
84.       The third largest populated country in the world :
(A) Brazil
(B) United State of America
(C) Indonesia
(D) Pakistan
Answer: B
85.       Name of the shifting cultivation in North-East India :
(A) Chena
(B) Tamrai
(C) Milpa
(D) Jhuming
Answer: D
86.       Viticulture meant for :
(A) Lemon cultivation
(B) Apple cultivation
(C) Orange cultivation
(D) Grape cultivation
Answer: D
87.       The longest railway line in the world :
(A) Canadian railway
(B) Sydney-Perth railway
(C) Trans-Siberian railway
(D) Philadelphia railway
Answer: C
88.       The term Boreal refers to :
(A) Taiga forest
(B) Swampy forest
(C) Mangrove forest
(D) Monsoon forest
Answer: A
89.       The Kalahari Desert is located at :
(A) North America
(B) South America
(C) South Africa
(D) Australia
Answer: C
90.    The development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs is called :
(A) Biological development
(B) Urban development
(C) Economic development
(D) Sustainable development
Answer: D
91.    Which gas increase in the atmosphere is major cause to global warming?
(A) Argon
(B) Oxygen
(C) Carbon dioxide
(D) Hydrogen
Answer: C
92.    The Kyoto protocol :
(A) Treaty for trade
(B) Treaty to reduce greenhouse gases emissions
(C) Treaty for deforestation
(D) Treaty to ban child labour
Answer: B
93.    The satellite, Astrosat launched by India for the study of :
(A) Resource mapping
(B) Disaster management
(C) Weather phenomena
(D) Celestial objects
Answer: D
94.    Who described the quantitative revolution in geography as ''a radical transformation of the spirit and purpose of Geography''?
(A) Ptolemy
(B) Humboldt
(C) Burton
(D) Huntington
Answer: C
95.    A philosophical view that man is responsible for making his own nature :
(A) Idealism
(B) Radicalism
(C) Rationalism
(D) Existentialism
Answer: D
96.    A sudden, aggressive and very heavy rainfall is called :
(A) Storm burst
(B) Water burst
(C) Thunder burst
(D) Cloud burst
Answer: D
97.    The headquarter of Survey of India :
(A) Dehra Dun
(B) Mumbai
(C) New Delhi
(D) Kolkata
Answer: A
98.    Which method of data collection is called as ''the Social Microscope'' by Burgess?
(A) Interview method
(B) Observation method
(C) Case Study method
(D) Sample method
Answer: C
99.    The process of examining the collected raw data to detect its errors, omission and correction is called as :
(A) Classification
(B) Coding
(C) Editing
(D) Tabulation
Answer: C
100.    In the layout of research report, 'acknowledgement' comes under :
(A) Appendix
(B) The main text
(C) Reference
(D) Preliminary section
Answer: D

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