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HSST Jr Botany Solved Paper 45/2017/OL - Part 3

41.       Lenticels do not occur in
(A) Root
(B) Fruit
(C) Stem
(D) Leaf
Answer: D
42.       P-protein is found in
(A) Collenchymas
(B) Phloem parenchyma
(C) Sieve tube
(D) Xylem vessels
Answer: C
43.       The lacunae in the vascular bundles of monocot stem is
(A) A large sized vessel
(B) Mucilage canal
(C) Lysigenous water cavity
(D) Metaxylem
Answer: C
44.       Which of the following is grown by transplanting?
(A) Maize
(B) Sorghum
(C) Onion
(D) Soyabeen
Answer: A
45.       Cobalt is associated with
(A) Growth hormone
(B) Vitamin B12
(C) Haemoglobin
(D) Intestinal enzymes
Answer: B
46.       Who among the following is considered as father of genetic engineering?
(A) Philip Drinker
(B) Paul Berg
(C) Thomas Addison
(D) Alpheus S. Packard
Answer: B
47.       Which of the following is not a gaseous air pollutant?
(A) Oxides of sulphur
(B) Oxides of nitrogen
(C) Hydrocarbon
(D) Smoke
Answer: D
48.       Which one of the following agricultural practices is eco-friendly?
(A) Organic farming
(B) Shifting cultivation
(C) Cultivation of high yielding varieties
(D) Glass house farming
Answer: A
49.       Name the plant which is known as Terror of Bengal
(A) Agave
(B) Ginger
(C) Bryophyllum
(D) Water hyacinth
Answer: D
50.    Angiosperm seeds with perisperm
(A) Castor
(B) Black pepper
(C) Barley
(D) Wheat
Answer: B
51.    Plant propagation technique practiced in pomograte
(A) Air layering
(B) Gootee
(C) Gastra
(D) Oegium
Answer: B
52.    Name the stage of cell division where segregation of independent pair of chromosomes occur
(A) Anaphase -1
(B) Prophase-1
(C) Meiosis-2
(D) Telophase-1
Answer: A
53.    Name the enzyme responsible for the transcription of tRNA
(A) RNA polymerase III
(B) RNA polymerase II
(C) Polymerase
(D) RNA polymerase-I
Answer: A
54.    The maximum number of genes is present in human chromosome
(A) Chromosome No. 7
(B) Chromosome No. 3
(C) Chromosome No. 5
(D) Chromosome No. 1
Answer: D
55.    A marine angiosperm is
(A) Wolffia
(B) Lemna
(C) Valliseneria
(D) Zostera
Answer: D
56.    The colour tag of breeder seed is
(A) Yellow
(B) White
(C) Purple
(D) Blue
Answer: D
57.    The fruit crop that can be propagated by apomictic embryo is
(A) Citrus
(B) Banana
(C) Apple
(D) Mango
Answer: A
58.    An endangered carnivorous plant is
(A) Fly trap
(B) Utricularia
(C) Roridula
(D) Nepenthes
Answer: D
59.    What is called nature's supermarket?
(A) Mango tree
(B) Coconut palm
(C) Thulsi
(D) Neem tree
Answer: B
60.    Non-specific type of defence acquired by the body at the time of birth
(A) Acquired immunity
(B) Innate immunity
(C) Antibodies
(D) Interferons
Answer: B

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