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HSST Jr Botany Solved Paper 45/2017/OL - Part 4

61.       The primary goal of bioinformatics is to increase the understanding of biological processes. Which sets it apart from other approaches, is its focus on developing and applying computationally intensive techniques to achieve various goal
(A) Genetic studies
(B) Drug study
(C) Protein analysis
(D) The modeling of evolution and cell division/mitosis
Answer: D
62.       A collaborative data collection of the functional elements of the human genome that uses next-generation DNA-sequencing technologies and genomic tiling arrays, technologies able to generate automatically large amounts of data with lower research costs but with the same quality and viability
(A) Encode project
(B) Genome project
(C) Databases
(D) Genebase
Answer: A
63.       A bioinformatics tool which can be used to characterize the Pan Genome
Answer: B
64.       A specimen later selected to serve as the single type specimen when an original holotype has been lost or destroyed or where the original author never cited a specimen
(A) Paratype
(B) Lectotype
(C) Neotype
(D) Syntype
Answer: C
65.       The standard size of herbarium sheet is
(A) 16 ½ x 11½ inches
(B) 41.25 x 28.75 inches
(C) 24.75 x 48.75 inches
(D) 14 x 12 inches
Answer: A
66.       The term primarily used today to refer to the discipline of finding, describing and naming taxa, particularly
(A) Omega taxonomy
(B) Beta taxonomy
(C) Alpha taxonomy
(D) Taxonomy
Answer: C
67.       The ripening of fruit and loss of leaves in the winter are controlled in part by the production of a gas by the plant
(A) Ethylene
(B) Carbon dioxide
(C) Oxygen
Answer: A
68.       A frond which is a vegetative leaf analogous to the typical green leaves of seed plants that does not produce spores, instead only producing sugars by photosynthesis can be called as
(A) Trophophyll
(B) Sporophyll
(C) Phycophyll
(D) Sphenophyll
Answer: A
69.       An ion involved in phosphorylation of ADP to ATP
(A) `Ca^(2+)`
(B) `Mn^(2+)`
(C) `Mg^(2+)`
(D) `Cu^(2+)`
Answer: C
70.    Nucleotide proteins involved in phospholipid synthesis
Answer: B
71.    The type of bonding in the branch points of amylopectin is
(A) 1-4 glycosidic
(B) 1-6 glycosidic
(C) 1-2 glycosidic
(D) 1-3 glycosidic
Answer: B
72.    Antimicrobial phytochemicals which can help plants to resist infection and invasions
(A) Alkaloids
(B) Terpenes
(C) Phytoalexins
(D) Flavanoids
Answer: C
73.    Evolutionarily conserved protein involved in folding of proteins is
(A) Chaperons
(B) Lectins
(C) Ferritin
(D) Hormonal protein
Answer: A
74.    A known protein aminoacid is
(A) Lysine
(B) Histidine
(C) Taurine
(D) Arginine
Answer: C
75.    An adaptive structure in plants for the elimination of surplus water is
(A) Hydathodes
(B) Stomata
(C) Transpiration
(D) Guttation
Answer: A
76.    A second messenger molecule in cells which plays a pivotal role in hormone action is
(A) Kinase
(B) c GMP
(D) c AMP
Answer: D
77.    Viola and oxalis produce two types of flowers one is chasmogamous flower name the other type
(A) Monoecious
(B) Dioecious
(C) Closed flowers
(D) Polyecious
Answer: C
78.    Suggest a method to remove oil from seeds based on the techniques in biotechnology
(A) r DNA technology
Answer: A
79.    SCID is caused by
(A) A defect in gene
(B) A nucleotide
(C) Nitrogen base
(D) Protein
Answer: A
80.    Name the interaction between a whale and the barnacles growing on its back
(A) Symbiosis
(B) Commensalism
(C) Parasitism
(D) Proto-co-operation
Answer: B

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