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HSST Chemistry Jr Solved Paper 1/2017/OL - Part 4

61.       The best method to determine the size of the Au nanoparticles is :
Answer: B
62.       The valency of an element can be determined by coulometry using the equation :
(A) W=AQ/n x 96500
(B) W=AQ x 96500/n
(C) W=n x 96500/AQ
(D) W=96500/AQ x n
Answer: A
63.       The chromatographic process in which the separation of the sample components takes place according to molecular size are called :
(A) Adsorption chromatography
(B) Partition chromatography
(C) Exclusion chromatography
(D) Ion exchange chromatography
Answer: C
64.       Which method detects the smallest particles?
Answer: D
65.       Which is an example for natural inorganic anion exchanger?
(A) Wood
(B) MgO
(C) Dolomite
(D) Polymeric resin
Answer: C
66.       STM shows images of atoms based on :
(A) The thickness of the atom
(B) The mass of the atom
(C) Friction caused by rubbing the tip of the atom
(D) The amount of tunneling current
Answer: D
67.       In which method the voltage applied across the indicator electrode and reference electrode is kept constant and the current passing through the cell is measured and plotted against the volume of reagent?
(A) Amperometry
(B) Voltametry
(C) Polarography
(D) Conductometry
Answer: A
68.       Name the effect which says that the wavelength of an X-ray increases when it is scattered by an atomic electron.
(A) Zeeman
(B) Compton
(C) Jahn Teller
(D) Stark
Answer: B
69.       The characteristic absorption bands of the carbonyl group in IR spectra are given below. Which one is incorrect?
(A) CH3CHO     ~ 1740 cm-1
(B) CH3COCH3            ~ 1700 cm-1
(C) CH3COOH  ~ 1650 - 1700 cm-1
(D) C6H5CHO   ~ 1700 cm-1
Answer: C
70.    Which of the options given below represents eigen equation?
(A) H
(B) H*
(C) H
(D) H
Answer:             Question Cancelled
71.    Which of the following molecules will show an absorption in UV/Visible region?
(B) CCCl(4)
(C) CH4
(D) CH2=O
Answer: D
72.    Atomic force microscopy shows images of surfaces through :
(A) Current that flows from the surface to the tip
(B) The force of the surface on the tip
(C) Diffraction of electrons around the molecules of the surface
(D) Movement of the laser along the surface
Answer: B
73.    Identify the non-aromatic compound in the following :
(A) Cyclodecapentene
(B) Annulene
(C) Cyclooctatetraene
(D) Cyclopropenyl anion
Answer: A
74.    Wave function in quantum mechanics represents :
(A) Probability of the system
(B) Shape of the system
(C) Energy of the system
(D) A state of the system
Answer: D
75.    The point group symmetry of the staggered form of ethane molecule is :
(A) C(3v)
(B) D(3d)
(C) D(3h)
(D) D3
Answer: B
76.    The plane symmetry is also called :
(A) ?-plane
(B) ?-plane
(C) `sigma` -plane
(D) ?-plane
Answer: C
77.    Which of the following heterocyclic compound is not aromatic?
(A) Pyridine
(B) Pyrrole
(C) Furan
(D) Piperidine
Answer: D
78.    Free radicals are detected by the :
(A) Mass spectra
(B) U.V. spectra
(D) Mossbauer spectra
Answer: C
79.    A class of pericyclic reaction is :
(A) Hydroboration reaction
(B) Reimer - Tiemann reaction
(C) Grignard reaction
(D) Diels - Alder reaction
Answer: D
80.    In the R-S notation, the prefixes R and S stands for :
(A) Rectus-Simiantus
(B) Rectus-Sinister
(C) Rotamer-Simiantus
(D) Rotamer-Sinister
Answer: B

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