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HSST Geography Solved Paper 29/2015/OL - Part 3

41.       Who made the first attempt to regionalise India into planning regions?
(A) K.S. Ramachandran
(B) P. Sen Gupta
(C) V. Nath
(D) L.S. Bhat
Answer: A
42.       The 'Reserve of industrial labourers' or 'The paradise of the urban poor'
(A) Umland
(C) Hinterland
(D) Satellite town
Answer: D
43.       Who wrote the book ''Geography - A Modern Synthesis'?
(A) Peter Hagget
(B) Hartshorne
(C) Humboldt
(D) Semple
Answer: A
44.       The Shansi Shensi fields of China is known for
(A) Petroleum
(B) Natural Gas
(C) Coal
(D) Monazite
Answer: C
45.       Which one is not a Commercial Web Mapping technology?
(A) Arc GIS Server
(B) Map Xtreme
(C) Scaleable Vector Graphics
(D) GeoMedia Web Map
Answer: C
46.       The command area development programme was introduced in India in
(A) 1974
(B) 1973
(C) 1975
(D) 1976
Answer: C
47.       The temperate grasslands in South Africa is known as
(A) Pampas
(B) Downs
(C) Steppes
(D) Veld
Answer: D
48.       A lengthwise growth of spits that links to headlands and is consisting of sands
(A) Forden
(B) Nehrungen
(C) Haffe
(D) Fiord
Answer: B
49.       Which of the statement is correct?
(A) The section of Himalayas between Kali and Tista rivers is known as Kumaon Himalayas
(B) Himalayan ranges from Tista to Brahmaputra is known as Nepal Himalayas
(C) The section of Himalayas from Satluj to Kali rivers are known as Kumaon Himalayas
(D) The Himalayan ranges from Indus to Satluj rivers is known as Nepal Himalayas
Answer: C
50.    The topographic arrangement of an urban builtup area and all its manmade features
(A) Urban morphology
(B) Town plan
(C) Urban field
(D) Town layout
Answer: B
51.    The technique of reducing data volume on a row by row basis
(A) Chain coding
(B) Block coding
(C) Quatree
(D) Run length encoding
Answer: C
52.    The Least Cost Location Theory was putforwarded by
(A) Losch
(B) Walter
(C) Weber
(D) Smith
Answer: C
53.    Who among the Indian geographer prepared the land use categories for the city of Shillong?
(A) R.L. Singh
(B) Mandal
(C) J.P. Singh
(D) L.R. Singh
Answer: C
54.    Penganga is a tributory of
(A) Mahanadi
(B) Ganga
(C) Krishna
(D) Godavari
Answer: D
55.    Cold desert soils are also known as
(A) Serozems
(B) Chernozem
(C) Podsols
(D) Rendzina
Answer: A
56.    Who wrote the first major paper devoted exclusively to a systems theme and to the framework of General Systems Theory in Geography?
(A) Hagget
(B) Wooldridge
(C) Hartshorne
(D) Chorley
Answer: D
57.    Which one is not an element of map generalization?
(A) Exaggeration
(B) Clustering
(C) Symbolization
(D) Simplification
Answer: B
58.    An open source platform for publishing spatial data and interactive mapping applications to the web
(A) Map Server
(B) Web Server
(C) Application Server
(D) Data Server
Answer: A
59.    The rainfall by the norwesters is known as
(A) Spring storm showers
(B) Mango showers
(C) Tea showers
(D) Cherry blossoms
Answer: A
60.    Choose the correct statement:
(i) Ptolemy's calculation of the Earth's circumference was erroneous.
(ii) G-Scale was proposed by Hagget, Chorley and Stoddort.
(iii) Prof. Penck is associated with the genesis of Zenithal projection.
(iv) Pantographs are widely used for map projection.
(A) Statements i, ii and iv are correct
(B) Statements i and ii are correct
(C) Statements i, iii and iv are correct
(D) All statements are correct
Answer: A

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